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The keywords to help you land your next PA role

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If you are anything like me, the new year brings a lot of soul searching and a nostalgic look back at the 12 months past. I have spent many a January reading self help books, joining gyms, going on diets and making resolutions that are generally forgotten around the middle of the month.

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Lessons in Revolutionary Thinking

Office Dynamics

Guest post by Tara Browne, DTM, 2016 Conference Scholarship Winner. . When I was awarded one of three scholarships for the 2016 Conference for Administrative Excellence, I was beyond excited. I looked forward to acquiring strategies and tools to advance my administrative career.

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It's Time to Stop Mindless Collaboration

On The Job

It certainly seems to make sense that collaborating can lead to better results, but it’s the sort of touchy-feely subject that many senior leaders don’t believe can lead to real bottom-line payoffs.

8 Time-Saving Hacks for Busy Moms

Dumb Little Man

The homemaker has the ultimate career of all. She has regular work hours, makes each day both useful and pleasant, and proves the worth of time by employing it well.

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Win a free place at the Assist Conference 2017

Practically Perfect PA

We have a very special giveaway for Practically Perfect PA readers this month. We are offering one lucky reader the chance to attend the Assist Conference for free. Yes, that is right – a whole day of fantastic training specifically for assistants – completely for free!

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Announcing the Assist Conference Programme

Practically Perfect PA

With just over a month to go until the Assist Conference we are hard at work making sure that we put together the best conference for our amazing readers. I’m so happy to share the following updates with you!

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Why Do We Procrastinate?

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Procrastination: Putting off from day to day, directly from Latin “procrastinationem” (pro “forward” + crastinus “belonging to tomorrow”).

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2017 Rural and Small Town Trends (and Webinar)

Small Business Labs

Tomorrow Becky McCray  is hosting a webinar of 2017 rural and small town trends.    Becky is the founder and publisher of the rural small business site Small Biz Survival. It's our"go to" site for information on rural and small town businesses and we highly recommend it.

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3 Examples of Misplaced Modifiers

Daily Writing Tips

n each of the following examples, placement of a phrase obfuscates the sentence’s narrative flow. Discussion and a revision follow each sentence. Ultimately, it isn’t the strongest or the smartest companies that survive and prosper, but those that successfully adapt to change.

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10 Things To Remember When Expanding Your Business Globally

Small Business CEO

Expanding your business into overseas markets may be a long-cherished dream of yours, but when doing so, you shouldn’t presume that your success at home will automatically translate into success elsewhere. Follow these 10 tips to ensure that you do well in new markets.

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7 Powerful Habits To Skyrocket Your Self-Confidence

Dumb Little Man

Have you ever imagined how it would be to gain a ton of self-confidence? Every challenge would feel way easier to you. You would negotiate the pay raise you have been dreaming for years. You would ask out that girl you always think about.

Five Ways to Deal with Workplace Changes Positively

Office Dynamics

Article contribution by Amanda Wilks. Change in the workplace is often very difficult to embrace. It may not be readily apparent to employees why the alterations and adjustments are being made. When they have to deal with workplace changes, it can become the perfect source of employee complaints and disgruntled comments. These can be anything from a switch in employee health insurance to a total company shakedown.

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Words in the “Struct” Family

Daily Writing Tips

The Latin source of the element struct , the basis of structure and other words pertaining to literal and figurative building and unbuilding, is also the root of a couple of unexpected words. The root word in common is struere , meaning “arrange,” “build,” or “pile.”

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6 Small Business Service Types That Offer a Flexible Work Environment

Small Business CEO

Telecommuting and freelancing are gaining popularity not only because of the obvious benefits they hold for employees.

How To Publish Your Thesis Into A Book In 4 Steps

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Completing your thesis is a seminal moment in your life. It represents your Magnum Opus. It’s your contribution to knowledge. After completing it, it’s hard to imagine that it will probably sit on a shelf and not contribute to humanity as much as you would like.

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The Limited Currency Called Focus


Ryan McRae is the creator of the blog, The ADHD NERD , a blog dedicated to helping people be more productive, successful and happy especially if they have ADHD. He is the author of Conquering the Calendar and Getting More Done and it’s available for a free download today. You know the drill. You want to start something new—a creative venture. Whether it’s a business, a side hustle, a new book or a new skill, you get revved up. Ideas are brewing and it keeps you up at night.

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Punctuation Quiz #11: Appositives

Daily Writing Tips

All but one of the following sentences demonstrate incorrect style for punctuation of appositives; revise the sentences as necessary: 1. My friend, John, is coming over today. He was compared to WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, who has been provided asylum in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London.

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How to Get Influential Bloggers Blogging About Your Brand

Small Business CEO

According to a Nielson survey from just over a year ago, 83% of all online consumers polled from 60 countries say they trust recommendations from their peers over those made by brands themselves.

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7 Common Mistakes Making Your Home Prone to Burglary

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Did you know? An incidence of burglary happens somewhere in the USA every 18 seconds, adding up to 200 per hour, and nearly 4,800 burglaries every day.

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The "Conscious Coziness" Trend - Hygge - Continues to Grow

Small Business Labs

5 More Sentences Rendered More Concise

Daily Writing Tips

Each of the examples below illustrates a distinct strategy for shortening and simplifying sentences. A discussion and a revision follows each example. You can go ahead and turn off the valve.

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PPI Facts That You Should Know About

Small Business CEO

Payment Protection Insurance policies were sold to millions of people in the UK. Most of these PPI policies were mis-sold.

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8 Strange Funeral Customs From Around the World

Dumb Little Man

From your side of the world, saying goodbye to the dead might mean burial or cremation. For others, funerals are more than just burying the dead.

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My Year In Preview: 2017 Edition


There is no doubt in my mind that reviewing the past year is a valuable exercise. But what about previewing the year to come? I think that’s an exercise that is just as valuable. Because it offers you a map for the months ahead. You may not hit every place on the map as you navigate the year, but at least with a map you’ll have a better chance of getting to where you want to go. Monthly Themes are the pillars of My Year in Preview.

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3 Cases of Restrictive and Nonrestrictive Confusion

Daily Writing Tips

In each of the sentences below, a phrase is erroneously treated as essential or nonessential to the statement when, based on the context, it should be the reverse. An explanation and a revision follows each example.

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10 Resources to Help Make Telework Possible for Your Company

Small Business CEO

Offering telework opportunities is a great way to increase your employee morale within your organization. Working remotely gives employees a stronger sense of autonomy and freedom.

15 Unforgettable Haruki Murakami Quotes For Dealing With Adversity

Dumb Little Man

Haruki Murakami is an internationally renowned Japanese writer, probably best known for his novel, Norwegian Wood. If you need to rebuild your strength when you’ve been through tough times, the wisdom in these quotes by Haruki Murakami will show you the way. “Life is not like water.

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The Productivityist Podcast: The Sunday Basket with Lisa Woodruff


My guest on this episode is Lisa Woodruff , a professional organizer, productivity specialist and author of the book The Mindset of Organization: Take Back Your House One Phase at a Time. She coaches people to organize their households and their lives through systems she designed specifically for whichever part of your life or house that needs help tidying up and organizing. Lisa and I tackle one of the most popular systems she has created: The Sunday Basket.

The Meanings and Variations of “Mother”

Daily Writing Tips

Mother derives from the Old English term modor , which is cognate with the Latin word mater and the Greek word meter. From the Latin term such words as maternal and maternity are derived.)

Project Derailed: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Commercial Construction

Small Business CEO

The majority of commercial construction projects are rarely straightforward and offer plenty of opportunities for cost overruns and other potential problems which could prove a setback when you are working to a deadline.

Penny Packers: How to Move on a Budget

Dumb Little Man

Whether you’ve relocating out of your parents’ home, across town, or across the country, moving can be a challenge. With a few steps, you can make this life journey less stressful and the start of the exciting new adventure it should be. A significant consideration of moving is cost.

Can You Find The Errors? Try These Error Quests

Business Writing

Each of the three short passages below has one error. Can you find all three? Test your skills. Passage 1: I just saw the schedule for the conference, and I am frustrated because Caren and Priya's presentations take place at.

Flying Drone Intro Video – Way Cool!

Andrea Kalli

Loving my new Flying Drone Logo intro video for a new series I’m working on about video tips for businesses. It’s different, fun, current, and dramatic…and if I don’t say so myself, it’s pretty darn cool! If you would like something similar, I’d be happy to help. Andrea Kalli. The post Flying Drone Intro Video – Way Cool! appeared first on Video Editing Service & Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant. Video Marketing

How To Get A Celebrity At Your Corporate Hospitality Event

Small Business CEO

Corporate events are great opportunities to impress clients, co-workers, and employees. And what is more impressive than introducing them to a celebrity? photo credit: Wikipedia. Yes, celebrities may seem out of reach. Why would they need to slum it with Janet from Accounting at your work party?

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