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22 Secrets to Discovering Your Dream and Living It

Dumb Little Man

One of the most important rules of happiness in life is to do what you love. Do that, and it doesn't matter how much money you make. Try online tools.

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Punctuating Bullet Points

Business Writing

In business writing courses, the most common question about punctuation involves how to punctuate bullet points. It's important, since these days we write as many bullet points as paragraphs. Let me tell you how I punctuate them, and then I. Punctuation Pointers

2012 75
2012 75

12 Quotes that Get Them to Take Action

Productive & Organized

I have been collecting quotes since I was in grade school.  They worked to eliminate distractions of people walking by too.)  Watch Me!

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How the Illogical Process of Hiring Can Help YOU

Job Advice Blog

So, finally, you receive a call to schedule an interview. All your efforts have paid off. A person calls you to schedule another interview. This is a huge compliment! You were selected from dozens or, at times, hundreds of people who applied for the very same position. You typically feel elated on one hand and [.].

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Is Your Mindset Secretly Making You Miserable? Here’s How to Fix It

Dumb Little Man

Is your mindset secretly ruining your life? And if so, is there a way to fix it? In fact, he was cut from his varsity team when he was a sophomore.

2012 147

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75 Synonyms for “Angry”

Daily Writing Tips

Are you angry? At the risk of infuriating you, or making you apoplectic or exasperated, here are dozens of words to use to describe your choleric condition more precisely: 1. Acrid : extremely harsh (also refers to an unpleasant taste or smell). Acrimonious : harshly unpleasant. Aggravated : angrily agitated. Angered : made angry. Icy : see cold.

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Crowdfunding – could it work for your business?

The Small Business Blog

Crowdfunding is becoming an increasingly popular method for small businesses and social ventures to raise much needed funds. The map below gives you some idea of the scale of growth in Crowdfunding over recent years. Interestingly, the same source indicates that 46% of all UK Crowdfunding platforms were launched in 2011 alone, so with the…

2011 44
2011 2012 44

Why You Need to Grab for Training Opportunities at Work

On The Job

You may be so busy at work that you're lucky to hit the bathroom once a day and find time to grab a sandwich to eat at your desk. More training?

Featured Soloist Nea Joy Justice: “My Fallback Position Is My Resourcefulness and Commitment”

The Solopreneur Life

Today we meet Nea Joy Justice. If you would like to be the “Featured Soloist,” please send me an e-mail, Nea Joy Justice.

Brain picking and other mentoring benefits

Practically Perfect PA

They are high statistics but not surprising. In my last role I had a mentor at work who helped me enormously. I did and it really helped. .

SOPA: It only went as far as we let it!

Eco-Office Gals

We made noise and they listened! “On January 18th, 13 million of us took the time to tell Congress to protect free speech rights on the internet.

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Why Emotional Decisions Aren’t Always Bad

Eat Your Career

Okay, listen up guys. I don’t say this often but here goes…. I was wrong. Well, maybe not completely wrong. But a little wrong. Calm down,” people say.

2012 28

To Stay Productive Beyond January, Use Signs

The Solopreneur Life

I n last week’s Blog Talk Radio interview with productivity expert Claudine Motto — How To Stay Productive Beyond January — she said that productivity for solopreneurs often falters after the first month of the year because we lose sight of the new goals we have set. The small sign is a humble (yet powerful) motivator.

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Casual Friday Has Gone Too Far

On The Job

Last Friday I took a couple of hours off to run some personal errands. The biggest don'ts: 1. No boots with fur on them. Forget the jeans. No shorts.

2012 28

Keeping Your Small Business Customer Payments Secure

Small Business CEO

Your small business customers trust you with their most valuable information. Don’t miss this informative 30 minute podcast interview.

5 Confused Word Pairs

Daily Writing Tips

The similarity of the letters e and i leads to frequent confusion between similar-looking and similar-sounding pairs of words. Here are five such word pairs with their respective meanings and tips for keeping each word in its place: 1. Elicit vs. Illicit. Elicit , meaning “draw forth,” comes from the Latin term lacere , “to entice or lure.”

2012 27
2012 27

How Achieving Your Goals Kills Your Motivation

Men With Pens

Heard you need constant improvement to become a master? Heard you need those 10,000 hours of practice ? It’s hogwash. Signing up excited me. Why not?

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High Productivity from Modern Workplace Design

Productive & Organized

I remember, back when I worked in corporate the move we made from traditional offices to "open space."  How about "churn rate"?

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I Was iPhished! How This Geek Got Hacked!

Tips From T. Marie

I pride myself on internet security. I can spot a phishing e-mail in a flash, know how to build and use strong passwords and have security on my network that makes my ISP techs proud. So how in the heck did I manage to have $284.22 stolen from my PayPal account? I immediately noticed eight iTunes purchases in varying amounts, mostly for gift cards.

2012 22

Best Buy customer service still at odds

Service Untitled

Best Buy just can’t get it right, and customers continue to complain. Before Thanksgiving, Sonya loved to visit the store in Palm Beach Gardens.

7 Negative Prefixes

Daily Writing Tips

What determines which prefix is attached to a word to form that word’s antonym? Why unlawful , but illegal ? Why infirm , but impaired ? Here are the ins and outs of in- and un- and their like, and details about their distinctions: 1-2. A-/An-. These Greek-derived prefixes mark words expressing an absence of something ( atypical , anodyne ). Anti-.

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Forms 2012 18

Do You Have Useless Website Content?

Men With Pens

Your website content may be utterly useless. Sure, it’s interesting. It’s often funny. It’s accurate and informative. But it’s probably repetitive.

2011 18

Corporate Social Responsibility and the Corporate Meeting

Professional Assistant Blog

Image by Engin Erdogan. T his is a guest post from Maureen Santoro from Atlas Meetings + Incentives. Click here to continue reading.

Top 5 Tips for Small Business Logo Design

The Small Business Blog

The top 5 tips weekly post is always full of hints and tips for small, home & micro business owners. The most memorable business logos are often just icons. Text on a logo is not always necessary if you can come up with a strong enough visual concept. Many logos use only…

2012 16
2012 UPS 16

A Hyphenation Quiz

Daily Writing Tips

Yes, I hype correct hyphenation , but proper treatment of the little line enables clear communication, so on this site, I repeatedly attach importance to the attachment tool. In the following sentences, excessive or insufficient use of hyphens clouds rather than clarifies. The plan includes accidental death and dismemberment coverage.”. Answers.

How to Find Time to Write: A Casual Conversation with Laura Vanderkam

Men With Pens

You’re invited to a very exclusive event. How to find the time to write. Even writers complain they can’t find the time to write!).

2011 17

I’ll show you how to get new subscribers EVERY DAY!

Office Organization Success

Did you know that by just spending 20 minutes per week updating your online marketing system, you can add new subscribers on a daily basis? Yep that’s right! It’s what I do, and have been doing for years. And I continue to get new subscribers on a daily basis. And I’ll show you exactly how on this live, virtual workshop.

Outsourcing Blog: The Good and The Bad

Productivity Bits

T he past year 2011 has been good to me in general. There are a lot of good things to remember from last year. I experimented with few things on this blog – I outsourced the blog to guest writers. With that, the blog’s Alexa Ranking and number of RSS subscribers have increased dramatically. But I am not happy with that improvement.

2011 16

Benefits of Storage for Small Business

The Small Business Blog

Not long ago it was significantly more costly to set up a small business. Advances in resources for working from home, such as high speed broadband among others have played a huge part in the changes. Factors such as lower priced technology and the increasingly cheap and more flexible options offered by storage companies also…

2012 16
2012 UPS 16

SOPA What is it? Why should you care?

Eco-Office Gals

If you come to Eco-Office Gals on January 18th – we won’t be here, along with many others in an effort to Stop SOPA. Why should you care?

2012 21

Winter has finally arrived!

Office Organization Success

Winter has finally arrived in our little corner of North-West Ohio! This morning we woke up to high winds and drifting snow … but I have to say, we’ve got off relatively lightly with bad weather so far this year. This week I had the pleasure of hosting two virtual workshops; one of which was for my Business Planning Inner Circle clients.

2012 16
2012 UPS 16

Coworking 2.0

Small Business Labs

Jessica Stillman's Get Ready for Coworking 2.0  in GigaOm covers an interview with me on the shifts we're seeing in the coworking space.    She uses the analogy of the waves of change in the feminist movement to help describe the evolution occurring in coworking.   Coworking was founded as a social movement. 

Best Empowering Tools

Brilliantly Better

Yeap, I know. This is a very generic title. But, if you clicked through it, you’re gonna be in for a treat. Every once in a while, I get to be involved in specific online events. Sometimes it’s about collective projects , sometimes it’s about some interesting memes and sometimes it’s about specific sales events. The Package.

2011 13

12 Evocative Words That Include “Ae”

Daily Writing Tips

There’s something about the digraph ae that lends it a dignity and an aura. Perhaps it’s the vowel combination’s ubiquity as a plural marker taken directly from Latin ( antennae , nebulae , and so on). Maybe it’s the frequency of its appearance in classical nomenclature ( maenad , praetor , and the like). Here are some of my favorites: 1. Spelling

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Forms 2012 12