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6 Tools to Increase Your Self-Employed Productivity

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The benefits of being self-employed are stunningly obvious to those who have decided to take the plunge. The freedom and flexibility it creates and the sense of being in control of your own destiny are a dream come true.

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5 Ways to Effectively Manage Your Business for Successful Business Growth

Office Organization Success

If you feel like your’re constantly running on the proverbial hamster wheel when it comes to growing your business… It could be because you’re doing things in the WRONG order!

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Core soft skills: Diplomacy

Practically Perfect PA

Next up in our series of blog posts on core soft skills I am going to look at diplomacy and tact for assistants. Assistants have to possess a number of soft or interpersonal skills. Some are essential, some are nice-to-haves and others can be handy but not always necessary.

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Why Being An Executive Assistant Is A Rewarding Career

Office Dynamics

In honor of Administrative Professionals Day, I want to share my thoughts on why I believe being an executive assistant is a rewarding career. When people tell me, “Anyone can do that job,” it bothers me. It tells me that person doesn’t really know what it takes to be a great assistant.

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3 Fresh Productivity Hacks to Get More Done

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Do you want to tackle your to-do list, but you’re just not sure how? I share your passion for productivity, but sometimes I get stuck in a rut feeling like my productivity has stagnated.

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Syntax Training Website and Email Down

Business Writing

Our website and email have been down for over 24 hours. Since you can't access our Syntax Training website or reach us by email, I thought I would let you know here on the blog. You can still reach us

The big PA questions

Practically Perfect PA

I’ve been thinking about the industry a lot recently. This probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise considering I blog about being an assistant!

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EARTH DAY – Earth VS Man? No, Let Us Join Hand in Hand

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It was like something out of a movie. The small boy sat, gazing in awe at the numerous sign boards and infographics that littered the main streets of Karachi City. What did it all mean? Earth Day’ was what they called it.

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Gig Economy Declining in Rural America

Small Business Labs

The Daily Yonder's (tagline: Keep it Rural) ‘GIG ECONOMY’: WHILE U.S. GAINS, RURAL SHOWS NET LOSS  covers an interesting study that shows rural areas of the country are seeing declines in gig economy employment. The is based on an examination of  non-employer data by U.S. county. 

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Our Event Management Training course is two weeks away!

Practically Perfect PA

I just wanted to remind you that our Event Management Training course is two weeks away! The first course is for assistants who organise events for their organisations. There are still a few places left if you are interested in attending. Here are all the details: . Events Management for Assistants.

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Why The Administrative Profession Is A Career Of Choice

Office Dynamics

In honor of Administrative Professionals Day, I want to share my thoughts on being an executive or administrative assistant. When people tell me, “Anyone can do that job,” it bothers me. It tells me that person doesn’t really know what it takes to be a great assistant.

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How To Change Careers Without Losing Your Mind

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You hate your job. The economic outlook in your field is grim. You’ve moved and there are no openings in your area of expertise. You’re still too young to retire though.

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3 Valid Reasons for Not Having a Website for Your Business

Tips From T. Marie

In light of my recent post admonishing businesses for relying on Facebook as their online presence the title of this post may sound a bit strange. For those of you who thought I was being a bit harsh about the need for a website I decided to see if I could find any reasons at all not to have one for your business. This is what I came up with: You are fine with someone else owning your business name domain and using it instead of you.

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Booking space for your Executive meetings

Practically Perfect PA

When hiring external meeting spaces assistants should treat the task as they would a small event. There are many factors that will make the meeting a success. Assistants must ensure they hire a meeting space that contributes to the success of the meeting.

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Administrative Professionals Week Instagram Challenge #AdminProud

Office Dynamics

We are having a ball with you this month as you have engaged in the #AdminBlogathon daily with some really incredible comments, questions, challenges and connection points. We are more than thrilled with this event and hope that you have been as well.

How To Deal With Setbacks. A Fool-Proof Strategy To Get You Back On Track

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Let your mind drift for a moment… You’re in a perfect place—a place where every morning you wake up feeling confident, ready to take on the world and win. In this place, everything always works out. Struggling to imagine that? Yep, me too. Life doesn’t always go according to plan.

2016 203

Is Your Boss Stealing Your Ideas?

On The Job

One of the ways to get ahead in your career is to offer new ideas or come up with innovative solutions. But what if you do that -- and then the boss takes credit for your idea? First, don't take any action until you've had time to think it through.

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Top travel tips please!

Practically Perfect PA

Over the last few months I’ve been thinking about how to get you lovely lot more involved in the blog. I put out these posts every few days and I get some great comments and feedback and it is pretty obvious that you all know a thing or two about being assistants.

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Today’s Admin Needs to Become a Mobile Office Pro

Office Dynamics

Mobile has become the way in the daily operations of both our personal and business lives. It is increasingly important to know how to work productively from anywhere, anytime. It’s all in the apps.

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The 3 Technologies That Will Define Our Future - For Good or Bad

Small Business Labs

Inventor, entrepreneur and thinker  Ray Kurzweil is legend in Silicon Valley. While probably best know for inventing the first music synthesizer, the Kurzweil K250 , his inventions and achievements are too numerous to list here. 

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The Key to Being More Innovative

On The Job

When Michael Docherty joined Sunbeam Corp. years ago as vice president of product development, he says the company was in “shock and crisis,” reeling from the aftershocks of Albert J. Dunlap’s CEO reign. Dunlap has been called “Chainsaw Al” and “Rambo in Pinstripes” for his methods of streamlining failing companies.) Docherty says things needed to be improved at Sunbeam, and quickly. As part of the turnaround team, Docherty focused on restoring internal collaboration.

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The Advantages of Using Serviced Offices

Small Business CEO

There are so many advantages to using serviced offices that it’s no wonder their popularity has increased so much in recent years, especially in the UK.

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Just the Savvy Ones. Recognizing Career Love.

Office Dynamics

Author: Kemeia MK Foley, CAP-OM. It’s Administrative Professionals Week 2016. Fantabulous. I can think of no better way to celebrate than to acknowledge the spirit of the celebratory week than to share why I get so fired up about this profession.

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Uber, Lfyt and Ridesharing Spreading to Adjacent Industries

Small Business Labs

It's been clear for some time that Uber, Lyft and other ridesharing firms are taking share from traditional taxis.    But the ridesharing industry is not just stopping there. It's starting to have major impacts on adjacent industries. 

2016 141

Time to Retire “Political Correctness”

Daily Writing Tips

The expressions “political correctness” and “politically correct” have gone through so many meanings that it’s no longer possible to know what a speaker means by them. The word correct was used as a verb by Chaucer in the fourteenth century in reference to correcting his writing.

Employees Need to Feel Appreciated

Small Business CEO

If you’ve been paying attention to the principles of sound management theory, then you already understand the value of emotional intelligence. It’s not just psychobabble, but a real aspect of intelligence that needs to be respected in the workplace.

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Enlarge Your Presence

Office Dynamics

I am just coming back to the office this week after an incredible week of teaching World Class Assistant to some amazing ladies. It was four full-days of learning and these assistants were hungry to achieve their certification and WCA Certified designation.

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Eliminate Computer Clutter and Embrace Digital Minimalism


Today’s guest post is by Emily McGee. Her passion is in helping other freelancers learn how to grow their businesses without sacrificing work-life balance. You can connect with her on her website My Adaptable Career. Raise your hand if you treat your computer desktop like a digital junk drawer. I’m raising both of my hands right now. Does your desktop look something like this? Just looking at this desktop for a few moments wastes both time and valuable mental energy. It’s time to clean it up.

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Join the Freelance Writing Course – 2016 Edition

Daily Writing Tips

Every single week we receive an email from someone asking when the next Freelance Writing Course will be offered, as we only run it once or twice a year. If you are one of those, wait no more! Today we are opening the doors to the 2016 edition ( click here to get all the details and join ).

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How to Track your Employees Time and Still Be Seen as a Good Boss

Small Business CEO

If there is something that can put off your employees’ working spirit, it has to do with looking over their shoulders again and again while they are working. To many of them, tracking is an unnecessary administrative nuisance that has to be done away with because it is just a waste of time.

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Getting People to Notice You: Cultivating High Self-Esteem Webinar Replay

Office Dynamics

Earn positive attention in the workplace and address the most common obstacle standing in the way for most assistants—lack of self-esteem. Do you struggle with getting people to notice you? You can view the replay of our webinar, Getting People to Notice You: Cultivating High Self-Esteem.

The Productivityist Podcast: Productivity & Play with Dr. Kirsten Milliken


On this episode of the podcast, I speak with clinical psychologist and certified ADHD Coach, Dr. Kirsten Milliken. She’s the author of PlayDHD, a book that not only gives adults with ADHD permission to play – it encourages it! We talk about a wide variety of topics, including how she tackles her tasks, what role avatars and colour play into her workflow, and why tapping into (and leveraging) your personality type can help you personalize your workflow and help you reach your full potential.

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30 Baseball Idioms

Daily Writing Tips

The sport nostalgically known as “America’s Pastime” (though football now reigns supreme) is the source of many evocative idioms whose meanings now extend beyond the baseball diamond. Here are thirty of those phrases and their meanings when used past the warning track.

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Difficult Sells: Hot Spruce Up Your ‘Uninteresting’ Product

Small Business CEO

As Morrissey didn’t say, some products are easier to sell than others. The latest Game of Thrones Big Book of Sex Scenes, that’s an easy sell. It’s a great title and, frankly, an SEO goldmine.

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5 Powerhouse Strategies for Creating Administrative Peer Power

Office Dynamics

Coming together is better than fighting for your own agenda. When you are trying to create change, whether in a process or for the administrative community in your organization, it is much easier to be persuasive when there is a group. There is strength in unity.

2016 155

How To Manage Your Noise To Signal Ratio

Brilliantly Better

We live in a very crowded world. And the crowd is just getting bigger. This, combined with the fantastic technological advance of our times, generated an unbelievably big pool of information. Our sensors are filled with data each and every… The post How To Manage Your Noise To Signal Ratio appeared first on Dragos Roua. Personal Development

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Toothy and Toothsome

Daily Writing Tips

A reader remarks on the use of toothsome in this headline at Discovery-dot-com: Crocodiles are fun-loving, finds a new study on the toothsome predators. Unless the writer thinks of crocodiles chiefly as the source of a tasty meal, a more appropriate word is toothy.

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