September, 2013

Did You Know That Owning a Pet Can Decrease The Risk of Major Illness and Lower Stress and Anxiety

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Any pet owner can tell you that having a furry friend can boost your spirits and make you smile as well as providing unconditional love. In fact, we love our pets so much that 65% of U.S. homes have at least one and we spend more than $30 billion per year caring for them.

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Honestly, what are the pros and cons of the role?

Practically Perfect PA

I have been planning to write a blog post around the pros and cons of the role for a while.

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Merlin Olsen’s Personal Mission Statement

The Solopreneur Life

A s you know, I’m a huge football fan. Merlin Olsen. Tonight is the eve of the 2013 National Football League season, and I marked the occasion by watching an NFL Films production, “A Football Life: The Fearsome Foursome.”

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8 Ways to Improve Your Attitude

Ian's Messy Desk

The post 8 Ways to Improve Your Attitude appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. No matter how you define success, a proper attitude plays a key role in reaching that success. I know people who blame their lack of success on a lack of education.

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5 Steps to Create a Successful Product Launch System

Office Organization Success

There is more to launching a product or program to your community simply than sending out an email and hoping people will buy! It’s about creating a whole product/program launch system so that you can get maximum sales for your brand-new offering.

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The Rise of Smart Objects

Small Business Labs

Good article from JWT Intelligence on smart objects. These are objects that have been enhanced by the addition of computers of some kind. A good example from the article is the smart beer bottle from Heineken.   The bottle has a set of music detecting sensors and LED lights.

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The Top 13 Reasons Why You Need to Start Doing Bodyweight Exercises Immediately

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I’ll admit it; I am hooked on bodyweight exercises. I have been working out for 2 decades, rotating through dozens of different workout fads, but one aspect to my workout programs that have always been consistent are the use of bodyweight exercises.

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Is Technology Hurting Your Job Search?

Eat Your Career

What you don’t know could hurt you! Perfect example: Many job seekers have no idea that resumes submitted online are typically filtered through a software system before a human being ever sees them.

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Stop waiting…

Ian's Messy Desk

The post Stop waiting… appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. Waiting for just the right time to do something is a big problem. Many of us spend too much of our lives waiting for something. We can probably relate to this little verse, more than we would like to admit. Stop waiting….

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Green Incentives You Can Set as an Entrepreneur

Eco-Office Gals

The world is become more eco-friendly and green, but it can be hard for you as an entrepreneur to motivate individuals to join the movement.

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Chili's Augmenting Waiters With Tablets

Small Business Labs

Restaurant chain Chili's is rolling out table top tablet computers to most of their 1200 locations after a successful test run earlier this year. The goal, according to the company, isn't to replace their human wait staff. It's to get diners to spend more per visit.

2013 206

Focus On Achieving Your Goals And Defeat Your Need For Perfectionism By Using The Completionist Mindset

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How many of you out there are perfectionists? You know, those people who spend all their time and energy fine-tuning the details to death. Are you guilty? While some of you may not completely identify as a perfectionist, I'll bet you've done it on more than one occasion.

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What is business acumen and how do you get it?

Practically Perfect PA

Over the last few weeks I have been developing a twitter strategy for one of my company’s clients. They are an online events business and we are helping them with their marketing so I have been learning about hybrid and online events.

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[Video] 5 Steps to Create a Successful Product Launch System

Office Organization Success

Create Multiple Streams multiple streams Online Marketing product launch

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The Principle Components of Communication

Ian's Messy Desk

The post The Principle Components of Communication appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. Understanding the basic components of communication can help you become a better communicator. Aristotle outlined the basic model of communication in 336 B.C.

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Why Your Business Should Embrace the Cloud

Eco-Office Gals

We’ve long hailed the benefits of going paperless as a way to decrease your company’s carbon footprint. In addition to using less paper (requiring less deforestation), it saves your company money. Obviously you won’t need to buy paper anymore.

2013 194

Outsourcing and the Future of Accounting

Small Business Labs

Last week we had the opportunity to lead a think tank session on the future of accounting at the Intuit Summit. This event was hosted by Intuit and attended by about 40 leading accounting profession practitioners, industry analysts and media.

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Successful People Don't Let Their Fear Of Failure Hold Them Back. Do You?

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Every four years we are graced with The Winter Olympics. Do you ever watch the figure skating competitions? I wanted to avoid watching them for years, as I always felt terrible for the competitors who fell. The entire world just watched them go from a gold medal to no man’s land on the score card.

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Some training suggestions for assistants

Practically Perfect PA

Quite often I am asked which courses I would recommend for assistants that are just starting in the profession and want to undertake some training to increase their skills and help them move up the career ladder.

Employer adds yoga, dance and fun to retain workers

On The Job

Often the little things can make a difference in how an employee feels about a workplace. Maybe the boss ensures that you get your favorite color of nail polish at holiday time. Maybe you can bring your dog to work. Or, maybe the culture asks you to do kind things for other people.

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7 Steps You Can Take When Your Best Isn’t Good Enough

Ian's Messy Desk

The post 7 Steps You Can Take When Your Best Isn’t Good Enough appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. Traditionally, Canada does not place well in the Olympic Summer Games. The winter games is a better story.) Canadian athletes competing often surpass “personal best” results or break Canadian records for their sport. However, that’s not always good enough on the world stage. You’ve trained and prepared, you’re motivated and ready, but you end up fourth, fifth or even last.

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Cut Costs And Improve Energy Efficiency In Your Warehouse

Eco-Office Gals

There are a million and one reasons to become more energy efficient, not least saving money (and saving the planet!). Increased energy efficiency and sustainability in your working environment improves the conditions for staff and helps you to save money in this less than favorable economic climate.

2013 173

Will the New Artisan Economy Save the Middle Class?

Small Business Labs

How Technology Wreaks the Middle Class covers the growing concern that automation and technology is replacing many middle class jobs.  Key quote: The multi-trillionfold decline in the cost of computing since the 1970s has created enormous incentives for employers to substitute increasingly cheap and capable computers for expensive labor.

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Making Friends and Increasing Business Contacts is Easy If You Know These 7 Secrets of Socially Successful People

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We all know people who are beloved by everyone and seem able to make friends wherever they go. Some regard them with admiration tinged with a bit of envy, then shrug their shoulders and figure those people are just born with that special “something”.

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Managing expectations

Practically Perfect PA

I was recently discussing some of the harder areas of the role with a fellow EA. She mentioned that she was never 100% sure what her boss expected of her and whether or not she was delivering.

How to Optimize Space

Clutter Coach

Originally posted 2008-02-19 10:29:00. Republished by Blog Post Promoter Although I still have websites, the blog is the place where I put my new content. The websites are ridiculously hard to a not-too-computer savvy person like me to edit. The blog, by contrast, is easy as pie (thanks, Typepad!).

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4 Ways to Stimulate Your Creativity

Ian's Messy Desk

The post 4 Ways to Stimulate Your Creativity appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. Self Motivation – If you want to make new things happen you need to be able to drive yourself. Most people have the misconception that creativity is exclusive to those with special skills or some sort of genetic predisposition to creativity. Nothing is further from the truth. Creativity is a muscle that needs exercise to grow and give great results.

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Applying the Principles of Feng Shui to Your Office

Eco-Office Gals

It’s not uncommon for those who work in the professional sector to spend long hours at the office.

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Autonomy, Control and Self-Employment Satisfaction

Small Business Labs

Fast Company's Why Everybody's Going Freelance  explores a key issue why the self-employed tend to be more satisfied with their work than traditional employees - autonomy.

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Do Your Brain A Big Favor With These 15 Healthy Foods That Can Make You Smarter

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A diet heavy in sugar, caffeine and preservatives can not only make you feel like crap, but can also slow down your brain function. If you want to achieve maximum brainpower, you need to consume foods high in important nutrients like fiber, antioxidants and Omega-3 fats.

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How can assistants stay on top of the scene?

Practically Perfect PA

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Is your business ready for Christmas?

The Small Business Blog

It might seem too early for your small business to start planning for the festive period, but larger companies certainly don’t think this is the case.

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10 Christmas Organizing Tips

Ian's Messy Desk

The post 10 Christmas Organizing Tips appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. I know. It’s still September. However, we’re less than three months from Christmas. Getting an early jump on the planning can make a world of difference on how well things go in December. Have you been a bit stressed during past Christmas‘s? Does it seem like the holidays bring too much to do? By organizing Christmas this year you can help to make this a low-stress holiday.

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Waste Not, Want Not: Recycling In Your Office

Eco-Office Gals

It is common place these days to see multiple recycling bins in offices for food packaging, scraps, cups and unwanted paper. And whilst this is a great step forward in the war against waste, did you ever consider what happens to the larger items in your office?

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Rage Against the Machines

Small Business Labs

There's been a regular stream of articles about robots and automation taking jobs from humans of late. Techcrunch's Jobs, Robots, Capitalism, Inequality and You nicely sums up many of the negatives associated with the technology replacing jobs.

2013 171

7 Ways to Stop Looking in your Rearview Mirror and Focus on the New Road in Front of You

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“ Never look back unless you are planning to go that way” – Henry David Thoreau. Focusing on your history robs you of your destiny” – Bishop T.D. Jakes. It is human nature to review our past. After all it is what has led us to where we are today. Our past is familiar.

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So you want to find a new assistant job?

Practically Perfect PA

Over the last 10 years I have been employed full time in 6 different companies. Is that a lot of jobs for one decade? I’m not sure, I suppose it depends on a lot of factors. I don’t think I have a vastly different career history to other people who work in London, because it is such a fluid market.

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