August, 2013

5 Killer “Hacks” for Networking at Events

Dumb Little Man

Social media is hot. Everyone is talking about Facebook, Twitter, and every other social media site under the sun. These are great tools for building and maintaining relationships. But they aren’t everything.

Why Networking Is Essential For Career Success (and Everyone Should Do It NOW)

Eat Your Career

Networking. The word alone strikes fear in the hearts of many. It’s so awkward and uncomfortable! It’s so inauthentic! It’s just so…so…exhausting. That’s why many professionals put it off.

How should assistants represent their boss at a meeting

Practically Perfect PA

As I have moved up the career ladder and become much more of a business partner as well as an EA I have found myself frequently attending meetings on behalf of my manager and representing them at lots of different events and functions.

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WordPress 3.6 & Genesis 2.0 Is Here!

Eco-Office Gals

WordPress 3.6, after a little delay, is finally here and Genesis 2.0 has followed on it’s heels, as promised. What does this mean for WordPress users? HTML5 Compliant: One main change coming down the pipelines is the transformation to HTML5.

2013 219

5 Tips for Effective Delegation

Ian's Messy Desk

The post 5 Tips for Effective Delegation appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. As a manager/supervisor, you just can’t do it all. To achieve effective results, you need to able to delegate projects and work to others. By effective delegation , you communicate to your employees that you have confidence in their ability to complete a job or project. Define the task and identify the outcome, not the process. The process that works for you may not work for others.

2013 215

Which Type of Business Owner Are You?

Office Organization Success

Over my 12 years of being in business, and speaking with many, many business owners over that time, I’ve discovered that when it comes to creating a strategic business and marketing plan for their business, these business owners typically fall into one of these four camps: The Perfectionist Camp.

2013 208

6 Easy To Install Productivity Habits

Dumb Little Man

Each time I come back from a long or short holiday, I find the task of throwing myself back into work a seemingly insurmountable challenge. Is it laziness? Is it my penchant for procrastination? Or is it the trepidation of knowing what will undoubtedly spring from the simple act of opening my laptop?

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Picking up skills along the EA career path

Practically Perfect PA

I’ve been an EA for quite some time now, in fact I started working in 2003 so it has been a decade.

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7 Lessons That Solopreneurs Can Learn From Comedians

The Solopreneur Life

M ost stand-up comics are solopreneurs, at least in their careers’ formative years. Gil Greengross, Ph.D, writes in Psychology Today: “No other art, besides stand-up comedy, requires that the artist will both create and perform his own act.” ” Sound familiar?

2013 201

5 Do’s and Don’ts to Improve Your Natural Speaking Ability

Ian's Messy Desk

The post 5 Do’s and Don’ts to Improve Your Natural Speaking Ability appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. Have you ever noticed someone who is talking on a topic about which they are emotional or passionate?

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Online Banking: An Eco-Friendly Way to Manage Your Money

Eco-Office Gals

When looking for ways to make your office eco-friendly , consider looking at the way you do your banking. Online banking provides an eco-friendly way to get your financial business done. Here are several reasons why online banking is the eco-wave of the future. Smaller Carbon Footprint.

2013 198

11 Simple Ways to Fall in Love With Yourself

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Whenever we think of falling in love we always imagine another person involved. It even feels awkward to utter the phrase “I’m starting to fall in love with myself”. Try it on for size and I bet it’ll feel like shirt that’s too small, something about it just doesn’t feel right.

2013 285

Let’s spend time together this September!

Step It Up VA Coaching

Summer is winding down and the kids start school in one week from today! It has been the most glorious summer. As you likely know from my ezines, I took most of the summer ‘off’ I don’t consider what I do as “work”, as it energizes me and makes my heart full – - yet, I did enjoy being more available to the kids and spending a lot of quality time with them. In fact, we just got back from a little Maine vacation and it was wonderful!

2013 197

The ups and downs of working from home

Practically Perfect PA

Early in the week I wrote an update on my time in Barcelona and the new job I’ve had since April.

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How to Deal When Someone Steals Your Work

Eat Your Career

You’ve worked hard to accomplish something…You’ve dedicated the time, the energy, the blood, sweat and tears…and then a colleague comes along and takes all the credit. What do you do?

2013 182

The ABC’s of Self-Motivation

Ian's Messy Desk

The post The ABC’s of Self-Motivation appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. A – Avoid negative people, things and places. Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”. B – Believe in yourself and what you can accomplish. C – Consider things from every angle. Motivation comes from determination. D – Don’t give up or give in. When Thomas Edison was working on the light bulb, he didn’t get it right the first time.

2013 199

Face to Face in a Virtual World: Greening Up Even Traditional Customer Service Experience

Eco-Office Gals

Do you want to reduce your business’s carbon footprint and increase customer interaction and satisfaction at the same time? Go virtual. You know that an active online presence is important to the survival of your business. So is providing excellent customer service.

14 Great Apps for Getting Organized

Dumb Little Man

Do you feel like you live in total chaos? Do you have nine pairs of scissors because you keep losing them in the piles of junk in your home, then buying new ones? Do you get stuck paying late fees on your credit cards because you forget to pay the bills on time?

2013 285

PIE: The Simple 3-Step Process for Creating Your Strategic Business Plan

Office Organization Success

Many business owners (especially those with a non-business background) struggle when it comes to creating a strategic business plan for their business. Chances are they’ve never ran a business before, and even in their “employment” days were not involved with the day-to-day business management.

2013 179

Hola Barcelona!

Practically Perfect PA

The very inviting beach at Barceloneta. I had a comment on the blog a few weeks ago asking how my big move to Barcelona was going and how I was settling into my new job, so as much as I hate talking about myself *ahem* I thought I’d give you’ll a quick update on the last few months.

2013 203

"Got Questions?": How to Invite Inquiries Concisely

Business Writing

I have been fighting the conciseness battle alongside people in my business writing courses. They want to know how to make their writing clear, concise, and friendly--all at the same time. Sample situation: Sometimes the close of an email, letter, Courteous Writing Email Etiquette

2013 171

8 Tips for Using a Microphone When Speaking

Ian's Messy Desk

The post 8 Tips for Using a Microphone When Speaking appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. English: A Sennheiser Microphone (Photo credit: Wikipedia) A microphone is one of the basic tools of public speaking.

2013 186

Electric Cars and the Hybrid market – Is Going Green worth It?

Eco-Office Gals

The times – they are a changing! Gone are the days when gasoline prices were so low that you didn’t have to think twice before tanking up. Increasing gas prices accompanied by rising costs of other essentials have made life for the average Joe pretty difficult – on road as well as at home.

2013 181

The Number 1 Productivity Hack That Will Change Your Life And Boost Productivity

Dumb Little Man

A couple of weeks ago I launched a new business that I’m super-passionate about. The only problem is, launching a business and running another personal development blog is seriously time-consuming work!

2013 285

Simple Email Management With The New Gmail Tabs

Office Organization Success

Being an online business management expert, I felt I should address this whole “Gmail tab” hoopla that seems to have had list owners in a panic for the past couple of weeks.

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How to be an assertive assistant

Practically Perfect PA

How many times are assistants told to be more assertive? It seems to me the word is everywhere we look, it is on our job descriptions, it is in our objectives and there are a ton of courses solely dedicated to making assistants more assertive.

How to Have an Inspired Career

On The Job

Years ago, Tama Kieves was a Harvard University graduate, working as a successful lawyer on the partnership track. Big money and big success were on the horizon. "I I was miserable," she says.

2013 240

How to Get Naked When You Speak

Ian's Messy Desk

The post How to Get Naked When You Speak appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. Keep your clothes on. We’re not talking about that kind of naked. The most successful speakers are successful because of their ability to connect with the audience.

2013 183

8 Ways to Help Everyone You Come in Contact with Feel Important, Special and Loved

Productive & Organized

You see that woman standing next to me in the picture?    Her name is Ms. Beale (and I call her Momma and my son calls her Grandma.)    I have known her since 1990 when I first started working for her at the university. 

2013 239

6 Playful Strategies to Beat Procrastination and Boost Your Productivity

Dumb Little Man

Are you a procrastinator? When there's something you know you have to do, do you feel overwhelmed instead of motivated? How often do you think to yourself, "I can't deal with this right now. I'll start later today. Or maybe tomorrow."

2013 286

It’s Not Your VA’s Fault

Office Organization Success

Just last week I had two, almost identical, conversations with two clients. But the worrying thing is this isn’t the first time I’ve had these conversations; in fact it’s cropped up quite a bit over the past couple of years. And it goes something like this: I’m frustrated with my VA (Virtual Assistant). She’s missing things. I’m on my third VA this year. I can’t find someone who knows what to do.

2013 172

Review: A New Laptop for this Geek

Tips From T. Marie

Categories: Featured. Technologically Speaking About two years ago, when my second laptop died in 4 years of business, I decided a desktop computer just might make more sense.

2013 166

Study: Men More Likely to Get Requested Flextime

On The Job

If you asked your boss for a more flexible work schedule, would your request be granted? The answer, finds a new study , may depend on your gender and your position.

2013 238

How to Manage Your Time Effectively

Ian's Messy Desk

The post How to Manage Your Time Effectively appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. How do you decide which activities get your attention first? That is, how do you decide what you are going to do each day? When you set priorities, do you set them in a way that meets your comfort level or in a way that effectively addresses your objectives? There is a lot of stuff competing for your time. You need to determine which will receive your attention.

2013 171

How to Plan an Eco Office Move

Eco-Office Gals

In today’s eco-aware society we are all expected to chip in and do our bit to reduce our carbon footprints. This is especially apparent in the business world and the ‘throw-away’ society we’ve become. So with this in mind, are you already putting eco-friendly methods into practice?

2013 164

Are You Thinking Healthy Thoughts? Your Thoughts Can Have A Big Impact On Your Life.

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Are your thoughts putting you in a healthy state of mind? Someone in a healthy state of mind would think these three thoughts. Do you think them too? If not, you can start right now. Read more ». Development Lifehacks Goals Negativity Stress Change Happiness Brain Motivation

2013 285

Infographic: Social Media Marketing

The Small Business Blog

If you’re reading this post, you are likely to be one of the many entrepreneurs using social media on a day-to-day basis in your business. The general aim for most small businesses using social media is to increase traffic to their website, but how successful are they?