November, 2013

Profiles of the Dream Team - The Giver

ProAssisting Blog

I came across an article in a series of articles that talk about “The Dream Team” from a professional perspective and the one that caught my eye -and might be of interest to you- is the one titled “The Giver”. You can find the article HERE. You can also sign up to be alerted when more are posted.

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How Listening Makes You The Strongest Person In Any Given Room

Dumb Little Man

There’s an old saying by a guy who founded the scout movement: “ If you make listening and observation your occupation, you will gain much more than you can by talking. ” Robert Baden-Powell Most of the time, most of us are fighting to be heard.

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SMART objectives for assistants

Practically Perfect PA

Last week I wrote about performance reviews and although I’m still not sure that the majority of performance reviews are all that helpful, especially for assistants. I do think that objective setting is really important.

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Book Review: The Fifth Age of Work

Small Business Labs

The Fifth Age of Work  describes how a broad mix of shifts and trends are transforming work and the workplace. The author, Drew Jones, is well suited to take on this subject.

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3 Reasons Going Green Can Benefit Your Business

Eco-Office Gals

The main reason to go green is to do your bit for the environment. However, if you run a business, going green can lead to numerous additional benefits. Here are three of the most important that you can take advantage of by improving your green credentials. Save Money.

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Holiday Time Management Tip – Share the Workload

Ian's Messy Desk

The post Holiday Time Management Tip – Share the Workload appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. There’s nothing like a major holiday, such as Christmas , to ratchet up the pressure on your schedule. Parties, concerts, shopping, visiting all add to an already full schedule.

[Video] Streamline Your Bottom Line with Payment Processing

Office Organization Success

With only a few weeks left till the end of the year, if there’s ONE thing I recommend you do between now and then, it’s to set up a merchant account so that you can streamline your payment processes, and increase your cashflow.

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What should you expect from your business travel provider?

Practically Perfect PA

Booking business travel is a core part of our role so working with a good travel management company can save us so much time and ultimately our organisation money! If you can find a reliable TMC they really are worth their weight in gold!

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Tech Savvy Small Businesses Outperform Peers

Small Business Labs

The Boston Consulting Group's (BCG) study Lessons on Technology and Growth From Small Business Leaders  shows that tech-savvy - and especially cloud savvy - small businesses outperform their peers in terms of sales and job growth.

2013 202

5 Little-Known Recycling Facts That Could Help Your Business Go Green

Eco-Office Gals

The pressure on businesses to recycle and become more environmentally conscious is always rising – but for many companies, the incentives are often seen to be few and far between.

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Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

Ian's Messy Desk

The post Overcome Fear of Public Speaking appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. Mark Twain said, “ There are two types of public speakers : those who are afraid and those who are liars. ” For anyone who fits into one of those two groups, how do you overcome the fear and become better speaker?

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9 Ways to Avoid a “Virtual” Backlash

Tips From T. Marie

Categories: Business Tips If you provide services virtually you’ve been enjoying the surge in cloud storage, virtual offices and mobile warrior-ism. Wise virtual professionals will also prepare themselves for the eventual ‘backlash’ of all of this virtual love.

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7 Little-Known Ways to Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking

Dumb Little Man

Do you get sweaty palms just thinking about speaking before a big audience? Do you hyperventilate picturing yourself giving a speech in front of a crowd? If so, you’re not alone.

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Speaking with authority at work

Practically Perfect PA

A few months ago I recorded a series of webinars for an assistant association in the States (more to follow soon). Before I embarked on this assignment I was slightly concerned because I do think I sound like a twelve year old. On top of that I have a fairly distinct Cockney / Essex accent.

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Part-Time Women Out Earn Part-Time Men

Small Business Labs

In Part-Time Jobs, Women Outearn Men  covers the interesting fact that women who work 35 hours or less per week earn about 110% of what men working similar hours earn. The chart below, from the article, shows this data by various hours worked.

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How The Benefits Of Rainwater Harvesting Can Help Big Business

Eco-Office Gals

The use of rainwater harvesting systems by businesses all over the world is on the rise, and it’s easy to say way.

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Create Your Own Free Lunch and Learn Sessions

Ian's Messy Desk

The post Create Your Own Free Lunch and Learn Sessions appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. What do you do with your lunch hour, hang out with the gang in the lunch room, go for a walk, take a nap or continue to work?

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How to Figure Out What an Interviewer is Thinking

On The Job

An interview can be a nerve-wracking experience. The job seeker feels pressure to answer questions and make a good impression. But career experts say interviews need to be two-way streets if job seekers want to make sure they won''t hate their new jobs in six months.

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Resume Action Words That Will Get You That Job

Dumb Little Man

Using the right resume words will help you get that job that you have always wanted. Your resume plays a role of paramount importance in your job application process. This serves as a foot in the door in order for you to land the job of your dreams.

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Totes emosh (emotional intelligence) training

Practically Perfect PA

One of the best training courses I have attended in my career was an introduction to NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) with specific training on emotional intelligence. The reason I decided to take this course was because my manager at the time was taking a similar course for executive staff.

The Future (and even the present) is Mobile

Small Business Labs

Slides: Mobile is Eating the World from Quartz provides a high-level yet in-depth set of slides showing how mobile computing is eclipsing desktop computing.   The presentation has 73 slides covering all things mobile computing.

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Black Friday Thru Cyber Monday Specials!

Eco-Office Gals

Are you out tackling the crowds for hot buys, or shaking your head at the crowds from the comfort of home? We are happy to say we didn’t do Black Friday, no big ticket items are on the kids wish-list this year.

2013 180

The One Thing Nobody Tells You About Starting a Business

The Solopreneur Life

R ecently, a reporter from the Greenville (South Carolina) News asked me: “What’s the biggest surprise for people who become solopreneurs?”

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The Cure for Home Office Doldrums-The Coffitivity App

Tips From T. Marie

Categories: Business Tips Tags: App Coffee Shop creativity The Home Office Working From Home Your Home Office I’ve talked about breaking the monotony of working from home by visiting a local coffee shop before. It works great for those of us with a coffee shop close by.

Three Ways To Rediscover The Simple Beauty Of Life

Dumb Little Man

August 2012, Kauai, Hawaii - I wake up to the sound of roosters. The morning air pours in through the windows and fills the curtains like sails. My body feels relaxed and rested from the fresh air. My friends and I walk outside.

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Reviewing performance reviews

Practically Perfect PA

I must admit I’m not a big fan of this time of year or as I like to call it ‘performance review season’ For an assistant most of the next few weeks are filled organising meetings for our manager and their direct reports to review the last year.

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Demand for Butlers Keeps Growing

Small Business Labs

We first wrote about the growing demand for butlers in 2007.  We wrote a follow-up article on this topic in 2012 after we learned high end nannies in New York and London could make more than $200,000 per year in total compensation. But the butler boom continues to grow.

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New Types of Energy Efficient Lighting

Eco-Office Gals

Shedding Light on the Subject. Back in the day, electric lighting was limited to three major types: incandescent, neon and fluorescent. Neon lights were designated for entertainment, advertising and play. They were meant more to draw attention than to shed illumination.

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6 Copywriting Practices From Trader Joe’s “Fearless Flyer” That Will Boost Your Sales

The Solopreneur Life

O ne of my favorite periodicals is published by a grocery store: it’s Fearless Flyer, a monthly, 4-page publication from Trader Joe’s. Fearless Flyer is a delight, I read every word, and it makes me want to buy what Trader Joe’s is selling.

2013 175

Product/Program Promotion: Problems & Profits - Launching Lessons Learned Interview Dr. Venus Opal Reese Live Event Launch

Productive & Organized

Anyone that has ever launched a program or product knows that the entire process is kind of like running a race. You have a strategy and training and you've done all of your warm ups.    You are ready to get your promotion "out there."

2013 249

Down in the Dumps? How to Become a More Positive Person

Dumb Little Man

Having a positive outlook on life has many benefits, both to your mood and your physical health. Personality traits like optimism or pessimism can have an effect on your overall well-being, so it’s important to cultivate a positive frame of mind.

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Going green at work? Good practices start at home!

Practically Perfect PA

Here at Practically Perfect PA I am always on the look out for great office stationery, maybe because I am slightly obsessed with stationery but mostly because it is hard to find a reliable, competitive and innovative office supply company.

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Bitcoin Booms

Small Business Labs

Bitcoin got an unexpected endorsement this week -  federal authorities signaled they view the digital currency as a legal means of exchange and legitimate payment alternative. This sent the price of bitcoins soaring to over $700. As I write this the price has settled back to about $620.

2013 185

This Christmas Give the Gift of Time

Ian's Messy Desk

The post This Christmas Give the Gift of Time appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. Here it is mid-November, stores are well-stocked for Christmas, and seasonal ads are everywhere in the media. What does your Christmas shopping list look like? What will the list look like in another month? Retailers would have us believe we need to spend, spend, spend to avoid comparisons to Ebenezer Scrooge. However, we can give a gift that costs nothing, but is priceless.

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How to Find Your Perfect Niche

The Solopreneur Life

W hen writers begin writing, they ask, “Who’s my audience?” ” When a new solopreneur starts a business, the question they should ask is, “Who’s my customer?”

2013 167

UK Business Confidence at All-Time High

The Small Business Blog

Are you feeling confident about your business and what the future holds for it?

Why Getting Motivated Is An Unreliable And Frustrating Strategy

Dumb Little Man

Many people assume inspiration and motivation to mean the same thing. They're so different, however, that I only believe in seeking one of them, and it's inspiration. Why Getting Motivated Is An Unreliable And Frustrating Strategy. Getting motivated is such a backwards practice.

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