December, 2017

This Old Marketing Farewell Episode: Sometimes the End Is a Beginning

Small Business Labs

PNR: This Old Marketing with Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose can be found on both iTunes and Stitcher. . In our grand finale episode, Robert kicks things off by pondering the decision to end something, so that something else can begin.

2017 284

How To Prioritise Tasks

Practically Perfect PA

When your To Do list doesn’t stop growing, how do you plan what to do first? Knowing which tasks are urgent and which are important will help you prioritise what to work on first.

2017 235

How To Avoid Burnout At Your Job

Dumb Little Man

Stress that builds over time can lead to burn out. Once you have it, you’ll have a hard time doing your best at work and this can affect your productivity. Apart from that, burnout can also cause a lot of health problems. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to prevent and recover from burnout.

2017 206

5 Reasons to Attend the Office Holiday Party That You May Not Have Considered

On The Job

Have you started plotting your excuse to get out of the holiday party yet? You've got malaria. Your dog ate all your clothes. Your great-grandmother is expected to die on the day of the party. Even though she died before you were born).

2017 164

What Does "Redoubtable" Mean?

Business Writing

The other day I was reading a movie review, and a character in the film was described twice as redoubtable. Before you read on, answer this question: What does redoubtable mean? Need some help? So did I. I had no. Gems of Language Teaching Business Writing Writing Tips

2017 151

Real Estate Agent Team Marketing Video to showcase company and statistics

Andrea Kalli

Real Estate Agent Team Marketing Video to showcase company and statistics. When real estate agents and real estate companies want to showcase more than just properties. You’ve worked hard to become the expert real estate company in your area. Top of the line.

2017 130

Global Coworking Forecast: 30,000 Spaces and 5.1 Million Members by 2022

Small Business Labs

We recently released our new coworking forecast for 2018-2022.    We are projecting continued rapid growth over the next 5 years, although slower than the industry's recent dizzying pace. The forecast was done this year with help from our friends at GCUC.

2022 228

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The 3 Types of People That Ruin Meetings

Dumb Little Man

Aah, the office meeting. While there are many grievances in the average workplace, none is quite as loathsome as having an unproductive meeting. And yet, we still spend around 31 hours a month doing it. If you’re in the upper management, you can expect to spend 50% of your time in meetings.

2017 197

4 Signs That You're A Toxic Boss

On The Job

There has been much written lately about sexual assaults and sexual discrimination in the workplace, and many people have lost their jobs because of it. But that doesn't mean abuse of workers has been stopped or that all bad bosses are going to be shown the door.

2017 141

Know What Goes in a Report

Business Writing

Imagine this scenario: You got approval and budget to attend a four-day work-related conference. You're back now, and your boss says, in passing, "I'd like a report on the conference. Can you get it to me by tomorrow at 2? How to Write _ Presentations Teaching Business Writing Writing Tips

2017 142

How to Set Career Goals that Work

Eat Your Career

Hooray! It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No, I’m not referring to the holiday season. That’s great and all…but for me, the last month of the year is the best because it always involves my 3 favorite activities—planning, organizing and goal setting! Nerd Alert.

Goals 130

Happy Holidays and See You Next Year

Small Business Labs

We're on vacation for the rest of the year.    Happy Holidays and see you in 2018

2017 216

Dropbox tips and tricks

Practically Perfect PA

I store all of my files in Dropbox, it is really easy to use, loads of other people use it and I love that I can easily share files and documents with the rest of my team. So, today I thought I’d share my Dropbox tips and tricks for you. Here are 10 tips for those […].

9 Winning Tips For Online Slot Games

Dumb Little Man

Online slot games are great. You can play them anytime and anywhere. You can go for as long or as short as you like. There’s no noisy crowd to drive you insane and no added expenses to make you worry. Of course, all these fun things won’t matter if you don’t end up with good wins.

2017 188

Research Reveals New Insight About Workaholics

On The Job

Many people have turned to mindfulness or meditation or yoga as a way to deal with the stresses of their careers. They believe that if they don't want to drop dead at their desks, then they need to figure out ways to let their workplace worries go.

2017 141

10 Myths About Professional Training – Infographic

Office Dynamics

“Have you ever heard someone say that earning a certification won’t make much of a difference in getting a job? Or that most employers won’t pay for off-site professional development courses or seminars? In the following infographic, dives into ten of the most common myths revolving around professional development and training in an attempt to find the truth behind the myths!

Help Your Supervisors Start 2018 Out Right

Clutter Coach

By: Peg Ayers. A clean slate. A fresh start. As we remove the plastic wrappings from our new calendars and start neatly recording upcoming events and plans, we’re inspired to make 2018 the best year ever. Our New Year’s Resolutions show the way—if only we’d maintain them past mid-January. Supervisors and managers in your organization are having the same thoughts—they want to make 2018 the best year ever, for themselves and their people. How can you show them the way? Look Back!

2018 116

Bitcoin Is Longer for Payments; It's a Gold Alternative

Small Business Labs

When Bitcoin was released in 2009, it was meant to be a digital currency and an alternative to traditional money. And for several years it more or less functioned in that role. But no longer. This is because the price of Bitcoins are way too volatile and way too expensive to function as a currency. 

2017 213

8 Phrases That Sabotage Your Credibility

Practically Perfect PA

I love my job. Know why? Because I get to tell people what everyone else is thinking, but are too polite to mention…and am paid for it! It’s not that I get a kick out of being rude (I’m certainly polite in how I tell them). It’s because part of my job is to help […].

2017 182

7 Tips For Amateur Photographers You Need To Know

Dumb Little Man

Photography is a fantastic hobby. For some people, it’s a lifelong profession. It gives people the chance to create works of art, capture precious moments, and make lasting impressions of our world. If you are looking at taking up photography as a hobby or have already purchased a DSLR camera, you may find the process of getting started a bit daunting.

2017 184

Top Supply Chain Trends for 2018

On The Job

Remember a few years ago when you paid extra to have something delivered in two days? That’s no longer the case, and now companies like Amazon offer same-day delivery on a wide variety of items.

2018 130

4 Ways to Ensure Readability in Your Writing

Office Dynamics

by Barbara McNichol. Writings are useless unless they are read, and they cannot be read unless they are readable.” – Theodore Roosevelt. If Roosevelt lived in today’s world, he might have known that 6% of the time wasted in corporations is due to poorly written communications. Of course, your goal is readability. At the same time, you desire to be fast and efficient. What techniques can help ensure your message is clear? Consider these: One Thought, One Sentence. Rewrite Negative into Positive.

2017 105

Podcast 083: Paying attention

Clutter Coach

by Subscribe: iTunes ? Stitcher ? Soundcloud ? YouTube ? Google Play. You can leave a review here! I got sidelined by a cold last week that I still have so I haven’t been promoting the contest as I intended. I’m extending the deadline into January to make up for that. In case you missed it, it’s a contest to win a PDF copy of my book, 52 Simple Ways to Get Organized.

2017 100

Flying Cars May Finally Happen

Small Business Labs

Cassandra reports that flying cars could reach consumers as soon as 2019.    Of course flying cars have been just a few years away since 1917, when both Ford and Curtiss Aircraft announced they had flying car prototypes.

2017 203

A little of what to expect at the Future Assistant Conference

Practically Perfect PA

Today I wanted to give you a little of what to expect at the Future Assistant Conference in February next year by sharing one of the panel sessions from the Practically Perfect PA Virtual Summit.

2017 176

5 Common Mistakes When Apologizing

Dumb Little Man

Do you really know how to apologize? In some cases, saying sorry isn’t enough. Instead of smoothing things over and making the situation better, it just leads to an even bigger explosion and mess. Often, we just put our hands on our hair and wonder why the other person doesn’t seem to appreciate what we’re doing. Why do other people always have to see what you’re saying in the worst light? Well, it might not be their fault.

2017 179

Doing This One Thing Will Give You a Professional Edge

On The Job

When you were growing up, your teacher or your mom probably made you write thank-you notes. You hated it. You vowed when you grew up, you would never, never, never, never write another thank-you note. So, you didn't. You didn't send a thank-you note when Aunt Nancy sent you a graduation gift.

2017 130

8 Strategies to Quickly Assess Prior Knowledge

Productivity Bits

Assessing students’ prior knowledge allows you to customize your teaching by anticipating their needs. Consultant Barbara Blackburn provides 8 simple strategies to help you gain an understanding of what your students do and do not know before launching into a lesson.

2017 141

Podcast 082: Piggyback new habits

Clutter Coach

by Subscribe: iTunes ? Stitcher ? Soundcloud ? YouTube ? Google Play. You can leave a review here! Today is a historic day! My topic is Simple Way #52 , Piggyback new habits, and it’s the last chapter in the book. This is podcast #82 so I’ve done plenty of shows on content that isn’t in the book, probably another book worth. To celebrate, how about a contest? The prize is a PDF copy of the book. You want to win this book!

2017 100

Digital Marketing Success Remains Elusive for Most Small Businesses

Small Business Labs

Infusionsoft recently released their 3rd annual Small Business Marketing Trends report.    The report paints a not so pretty picture of the digital marketing efforts of small businesses.

2017 202

How to Build a High-Performing Remote Team to Scale Your Business

Small Business CEO

The future of work is remote. Back in 2014, Stanford University professor Nicholas Bloom declared in Harvard Business Review: “ To raise productivity, let your employees work from home ”.

2017 90

Secret To Success: The Two Mindsets You Need To Avoid

Dumb Little Man

“Invert, always invert: Turn a situation or problem upside down. Look at it backward.” ” – Charlie Munger. For ambitious people, knowing what to do is not always enough. Sometimes, we need to know what not to do. So, like Charlie Munger, I am going to use inversion and focus on what not to do to be successful. Specifically, I will focus on two mindsets to avoid in order to be successful. Here’s the secret to success. Mindset 1: Impatience. I’ve always been impatient.

2017 168

8 Ways to Create Greater Workplace Happiness

On The Job

On a scale of one to 10, how happy are the employees in your organization? If your answer is “seven” then you’re right in line with the answer given by most CEOs. Seven is an interesting number,” says Kris Boesch , an workplace culture expert. “It’s It’s representative of ‘we’re doing okay, not great’ or ‘I really don’t know.’ You’re confident that no one is going to go postal. Overall you have a good group of people who get along well enough. There are some areas that could use improvement.

2017 126

How clutter can hinder your productivity (and what to do about it)

Productivity Bits

When you own business or manage a team of employees, you know how vital productivity and efficiency is. If you work from home, in a factory, warehouse or office, clutter can affect you. Without time and effort dedicated to your environment, productivity and motivation can diminish. This can have some adverse effects on the business including loss of revenue and the overall success of the company.

2017 122

Podcast 081: Low energy productivity

Clutter Coach

by Subscribe: iTunes ⋅ Stitcher ⋅ Soundcloud ⋅ YouTube ⋅ Google Play. You can leave a review here! This is Podcast 81 and it’s about how you can be productive even if you’re sick, or tired or just feeling those low energy winter blues. In podcast 70 I talked about categorizing your tasks by context the way David Allen suggests. That’s what this is. You need a category of stuff to do when you’re not up for doing any of the hard stuff.

2017 100

Young Farmers: Educated, Female and Pursuing Sustainable Farming

Small Business Labs

The National Young Farmers Coalition's report Building a Future with Farmers covers the demographics, issues and needs of young farmers (those under the age of 40). The quick summary is young farmers are quite different than old farmers. 

2017 196

6 Business Tips You Must Ignore

Small Business CEO

When you want to start your own business, you start looking for information on the Internet to get some tips. It’s possible to find so many tips that you can feel totally overwhelmed and confused.

2017 89