Wed.Jun 05, 2019

8 Ways Gaming Can Make You Happy

Dumb Little Man

Everybody knows gaming is a fun hobby. It keeps us occupied, engaged, and the vast array of free and paid games you can get into in so many different platforms is nothing short of exciting.

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A Guide to Public Speaking

Ian's Messy Desk

The post A Guide to Public Speaking appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. Delivering an effective presentation is difficult. With the Internet, listeners have access to more information that ever before and have higher expectations for content from speakers today.

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Top Reasons Why You Should Find A Virtual Assistant Today For Your Business

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Running a business can take a significant toll on you, especially when you are doing all the tasks alone. It will make it hard to focus on growing your business and generating more profits if you’re too busy doing everything yourself.

2019 230

Episode 247: The Power of Virtual Accountability with Jeff McMahon


On today’s episode, I spent time with Jeff McMahon. Jeff is a virtual trainer turned online entrepreneurs like Amy Porterfield, Pat Flynn, John Lee Dumas, and many more.

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The Most Common Fears in America and How You Can Overcome Them

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The word “fear” often bears a very negative connotation. It’s seen as an emotional response that holds us back, puts us on edge, and breeds discomfort. At its core, though, fear is actually a force of good. It’s a biological response that keeps us safe whenever we perceive danger.

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How to Drive Repeat Customers—And Why It Matters

Small Business CEO

As a business owner, you likely spend most of your time and money finding different ways to drive new business. But how much focus do you place on driving repeat business? Repeat customers are just as valuable—if not more—as new customers and play an important role in your business.

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5 Ways to Clean Up Your Social Media Presence

45 Things

When you're job searching, the advice is to "clean up your social media presence." But what does that mean, exactly? For example, when you were told to clean up your room as a kid, my hunch is that your version of "clean" was a lot different than your mom's.