Mon.Aug 19, 2019

Ultimate Success Tips For College Students

Dumb Little Man

Going to college is a fun and exciting time for many people, and it’s usually the first step for complete independence for young adults. However, there is also a great responsibility that comes along with this, and our success tips for college students can help.

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The Positive Mental Health Effects of Self-Employment

Small Business Labs

A recent academic study found that self-employed gig workers in the UK score higher across a range of psychological well-being measures than workers in the mainstream economy.

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Eight great business books for strategic Assistants

Practically Perfect PA

The trait that I admire most in exceptional leaders (think Oprah Winfrey and Brene Brown) is the time they dedicate to learning new things. I love that they read, take on new ideas and concepts and never stop growing. This is something that I always try to find time for, and I think it is […].

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Bootstrapping Your Business: One Founder’s Journey to Self-Financing

Dumb Little Man

Being a founder of a business is never easy, but when you are bootstrapping along the way, eventual success can feel impossible. While I can only speak for myself, I wanted to bring you an honest, uncut, and (mostly) uncensored view of one founder’s journey with no external finance. Who am I?

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Before Criticizing Team Members, Take a Look in the Mirror

On The Job

Have you ever walked up to a cash register to pay for your Yoo-Hoo and there are two clerks bad-mouthing a manager or another worker? It doesn't seem to matter where -- banks, convenience stores, doctor's offices -- there always seems to be some grumbling about someone else.

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Recession-Proof Your Career With Tax Training

Dumb Little Man

Choosing careers in recession is never easy. You have to thread that tiny needle of what you are good at, what you are passionate about, and what the market will bear.

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Can you write a book or a novel with speech recognition software?

Daily Writing Tips

You have a right to disagree with my previous post Writing with Speech Recognition Software. For many writers, dictating a book instead of typing it just doesn’t work. Maybe you can dictate faster than typing. But that doesn’t matter much if you can’t think faster than you can type.

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