Thu.Feb 16, 2017

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3 out of 4 Americans Have Smartphones

Small Business Labs

Pew Internet recently updated their technology adoption numbers for the U.S. roughly three-quarters of Americans (77%) now own a smartphone. Web/Tech

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How to Become Lucky

Dumb Little Man

If you truly believe you’re lucky, and therefore trust all the odds are consistently in your favor, what impact would that have on your life? Does the pure belief that you’re lucky explain the winning streaks some people ride? I think aligning luck to the placebo effect is a convenient explanation for the phenomenon we observe as fortunate chance.

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How I Fixed My Broken Writing Process


Belle B. Cooper works on content and copywriting for RescueTime , an app that helps you understand how you spend your time so you can be more productive every day. For the past four or five years, I’ve been spending hours every week researching and writing articles. Almost every article I write requires several hours of research. Start writing.

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Advanced Tips and Hacks To Help You Reuse Old Content for More Traffic

Dumb Little Man

Creating stunning new content regularly is a hell of a task, I know. Are you plagued by the same concerns? Low on time to create converting content? Looking for smart ways to use your old and existing content to drive more visits to your blog? Here are 5 superb methods to help you create new content faster. Not done any webinars yet? No issues.

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7 Steps to Being a Better Client (or, How to Make Sure The Job’s Done Well)

Small Business CEO

They’re the experts after all, so there’s no reason to expect that they wouldn’t just get on with it. There’s a caveat to that approach, however.

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Sacred Words

Daily Writing Tips

The words featured in this post have a word in common: the Latin adjective sacer , meaning “holy.”. The word’s direct descendant is sacred. General

3 Simple Steps To Manage Your Budget And Cashflow

Office Organization Success

Along with paper piles, budget and Cashflow is another area that can be a huge source of overwhelm and frustration! . Step 2 – Input Your Data.