Wed.May 29, 2019

Top Instagram Braids to Copy

Dumb Little Man

Braids are incredibly versatile and fashionable hairstyle. Regardless of what you’re wearing, they can help you achieve the look you wish for. For inspiration, here are some of the most popular Instagram braids you can try for yourself. Carefree side braid. This is a messy side braid that creates a relaxed ‘do. You need to keep the distinct sections of the braid even. Differently sized sections help create the ideal carefree look. Crowned braid. Via Instagram.

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Why You Didn't Get a Second Interview

On The Job

It can be pretty demoralizing not to get a second interview, especially since you believe you did so well in your initial interview. Don't be too hard on yourself.

2019 176

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How a Pet Can Make you More Successful at your Job

Small Business CEO

Now I have heard it all! Your pet makes you more successful? Seriously? And there are a whole bunch of reasons why! Whether you are a work at home entrepreneur or a high-flying corporate type. Your pet can improve your work-life and make you more successful. Happiness Breeds Success.

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Episode 246: How to Be Great at Your Job with Justin Kerr


On today’s episode, I spent time with Justin Kerr. Justin is a self-described efficiency monster, He is the author of the rogue corporate playbooks How to Write an Email and How to Be a Boss.

2019 60

Everything You Wanted To Know About Franking Machines

Small Business CEO

Tired of rising postage costs, and lost time waiting in line to pay for stamps? Well, luck is at hand since you don’t have to suffer any longer, the solution is to get your self a franking machine.

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