Tue.Jul 23, 2019

How to Talk to a Depressed Friend

Dumb Little Man

Do you ever freeze up when you get a text that goes, “Hey, I’m depressed.” ? I remember a while back when a friend sent me a text to tell me that she was depressed. It was the first time that I’d ever gotten a message like that and I was scared.

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5 tips on managing your company’s social media

Practically Perfect PA

Many Assistants are being asked to look after their company’s online profiles and their organisation’s social media messaging. It can be a time-consuming task that requires some thought because social media platforms change so rapidly.

5 Top Cyber Security Training Tips For Employees

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Most people believe that the most sophisticated cyber attacks are the biggest threats to any organization. However, the biggest cyber-security threat to a business is the people that work there. In fact, eight out of ten top data theft are as a result of human error.

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The Growth of Side Gigs

Small Business Labs

That side gigs - part-time or occasional work to supplement income - have become more common is hardly new news. Nor are the reasons behind the growing number of Americans with side gigs.

2019 143

The Ocean Cleanup Machines and Technologies

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The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), on World Environment Day 2018, brought out a staggering figure. The figure showed that around 13 million of disposable and non-disposable plastics are ending up in the world oceans each year. This triggered a complete ocean cleanup project.

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Who/Whom, Whoever/Whomever: Test Yourself

Business Writing

The other day a friend told me he was concerned about having taken on a copy editing job because he didn't yet feel confident of who/whom and whoever/whomever. How about you? Are you confident about where to use those pronouns?

2019 141

Calling All Assistants—Secret to Building a Strategic Partnership

Office Dynamics

. For more than 15 years I have been teaching assistants how to build a strategic partnership with their executives. I especially spend a lot of time on this topic in my World Class Assistant™ designation course.

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