Mon.Feb 11, 2019

Top 7 Ways To Achieve Legendary Level of Leadership

Dumb Little Man

You must’ve had the pleasure of leading a team or a small group of people at some point in your life. Be it a project or a small campaign, you know how difficult it sometimes get to keep all of your team members on the same page and make them working toward your (common) goal.

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Research Shows the Secret to Influencing Social Change at Your Company

On The Job

Do you care about social issues like protecting the environment or curbing poverty? Would you like to see your employer get more involved in such issues?

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How To Go From Making Six Figures In Business To Losing It All

Dumb Little Man

This is not your typical success story. This is a success story in reverse. Now, why share my loss? Why share something that should make me feel embarrassed? Well, I’m guessing I’m not the only business owner or human, for that matter, who’s been through a loss.

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List of Prefixes and Suffixes and their Meanings

Daily Writing Tips

This post lists prefixes, suffixes, and their meanings. Many scientific and mathematical prefixes have been omitted.) Groups of one or more definitions after a prefix that are separated by a semicolon stem from different senses of the prefix.

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10 Simple Ways To Overcome Depression and Sadness

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We’ve all been upset. Sadness is a totally natural emotional response to certain environmental stimuli. Most of us have support or systems in place to overcome sadness, reach balance, and go on to be happy as quickly as possible.

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5 Reasons Why Branding Matters as Much as Your Products

Small Business CEO

When customers come to look at your website or social media channels, what do they see? Each aspect of your branding communicates something about your company – who you are and what you offer.

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How To Enjoy Valentine’s Day When You’re Flying Solo

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Year after year, the world goes mad for Saint Valentine. That is to say, suddenly everyone around you seems to be passionately in love, asking you why you’re not or taking a dramatic stand against the whole holiday (inadvertently making an even bigger deal of things.)

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