Wed.Feb 24, 2021

How You Can Cultivate A Habit Of Writing In Children

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Writing is an important skill not all individuals are able to master in their lives. By cultivating this productive habit in the formative years, children can develop effective writing skills and eventually become proficient in all kinds of communication.

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Expectation Management

Brilliantly Better

We learn all kind of things in school that I find either unnecessary (or easily retrievable from other sources, when needed), but we don’t learn things that are extremely necessary and really scarce out there.

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How Early Can You File Your Taxes?

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Tax time is still a few months away, but you don’t have to wait until Tax Day on April 15th. There are plenty of reasons to file early. Keep reading to discover how to file, tips to get a bigger refund, and reasons to file early. How To Get A Tax Refund.

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Episode 359: The Common Path to Uncommon Success with John Lee Dumas


This candid conversation reveals what John Lee Dumas has learnt throughout his life – which includes interviewing thousands of entrepreneurs on his show – and steps you can take on a common (yet simple) path that can lead to uncommon success. This episode is sponsored by LinkedIn Jobs.

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How to Fit in a Remote Team – What a Founder Says

Small Business CEO

Entrepreneurs always worry if remote employees would fit into the company culture. We understand the concern, as working remotely is quite different from gathering at an office. It’s easy and natural to blend in when we meet face to face.

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Upcoming Changes and Predictions for the Manufacturing Industry in the Next Five Years

Small Business CEO

The year 2020 was a tumultuous year for jobs, the economy, and industries as the world struggled to cope with the impact of COVID-19 on business and daily life. However, there’re reasons to be optimistic about the future, particularly if we are talking about the manufacturing industry.

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