Wed.Mar 07, 2012

Gurus with Forked Tongues

The Small Business Blog

Today, I want to offer some advice to all my start up and micro-business owner fans on what advice not to take from silver tongued experts and gurus. I’m on the train. I’ve been at my publishers in London checking on new cover designs for the third edition of ‘Stripping for Freedom’ and before that…

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Are You Meeting Expectations?

Productivity Bits

If your company is conducting regular performance reviews, chances are you’ve already had your annual review. It’s already past March and you’re reading this from your work computer. You weren’t fired. Congratulations! If you’re like most knowledge workers, the minimum threshold you have to have to maintain your job status is meeting your company’s expectations. Your performance and productivity over a period of time must meet certain standards.

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Adverse vs. Averse

Daily Writing Tips

Adverse and averse share the root verse , which stems from the Latin term vertere , meaning “to turn.” But their meanings are distinct and, taken literally, antonymic: Adverse , from the Latin word adversus (“turned toward, facing”), means “antagonistic”; the original term conjures of image of confrontation. Averse , meanwhile, comes from aversus (“turned away”) and means “strongly disinclined” or “strongly unfavorable to.”.

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Millennial Myths

Small Business Labs

Good article in Strategy and Business on 5 Millennial Myths.  According to research by the authors, "stereotypes of millennials in the workplace are inconsistent at best and destructive at worst" Instead of the common view that Milennials (also called Gen Y, born roughly 1980 - 2000) are needy, lazy and not committed, the article argues that in terms of work Millennials are not that different than older Gen Xers and baby boomers.

2012 13

Be The Change…

Simple Productivity Blog

Wednesdays are simplicity days at SimpleProductivity blog. I’m going to take a diversion from the standard Wednesday topic of simplicity to give you a simple example of how we can be the change we want to see… A few months ago, morale at my workplace was terrible.

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Administrative Assistant Conference Executive Perspective

Office Dynamics

Welcome to our Speaker Series! We have dedicated several blogs to informing you about our administrative assistant conference speaker line-up. With each message we'll introduce a speaker and share with you a little bit about them as well as why we chose them to be a presenter at the 1 9th Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence. If you have never attended our conference for administrative excellence before you haven't experienced our one of a kind, Executive Perspective.

Free Coaching Call: March 2012

Eat Your Career

In case you missed it, I held my free coaching call for the month of March earlier today. You can listen to the recorded version using the audio player below. If you’d like to participate in the next call happening Wednesday April 4 , please register and submit a question by visiting this page. As usual, if you can’t attend the live session, go ahead and register and submit a question if you have one.