Wed.Aug 15, 2018

6 things to stop doing in your one to one

Practically Perfect PA

For Assistants, the time they spend with their Executive in a one to one setting is so necessary and enables them to get on with all the tasks that require just that little bit of input from their boss. But, as I’ve heard many many times, there are lots of you out there who do […].

2018 221

Smart Tactics to Resolve and Stay Out of Entrepreneurial Debt

Dumb Little Man

Debt is a part of every business and every entrepreneur knows that. However, not all entrepreneurs are aware of the difference between a bad and good debt and that makes it hard to learn how to avoid the debt trap. All good business debts are credit lines, mortgages, and loans.

2018 181

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4 Ways to Handle a Passive-Aggressive Colleague

On The Job

There are always different personalities at work, and that's what can make your day strange, fun, interesting -- and maddening. One of those different personalities can be the passive-aggressive colleague.

2018 158

How to Write Your First Screenplay

Daily Writing Tips

Have you ever daydreamed about writing for the big screen? I know I have! Writing a screenplay that gets picked up by Hollywood could see your story reach millions of people – whereas even bestselling novels often only sell in the tens of thousands.

2018 73