Thu.Jun 10, 2021

Cybersecurity To Protect The Work From Home Movement

Dumb Little Man

There are a lot of things we might miss about life before the pandemic. We may miss being able to walk around barefaced everywhere we go. We may still miss hanging with a larger group of friends or going to a restaurant with a large party, or just sitting in a crowded bar, or at a crowded concert.

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Mapping the Creator Economy

Small Business Labs

The venture capital firm Antler recently released The Ultimate Guide to the Creator Economy. The guide includes the map below (click to enlarge), which shows, by category, "the 220+ platforms that are empowering creators to make an income by doing what they love." 

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The Theory Of Truth

Brilliantly Better

One year ago, if you would say that Covid-19 was artificial, man-made and leaked from a laboratory in China, you would have been labelled as a conspiracist. A “theory of conspiracy” supporter. Well, reality has this weird habit of contradicting our labels.

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An Admin’s Guide to Documenting Systems

All Things Admin

Organization is a pain point for many administrative professionals. With tasks coming at you from every direction, it’s crucial to be able to handle them quickly, consistently, and efficiently. To do this, you need systems. .

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Correlation Is Not Causation – But It Can Really Help With Prediction

Brilliantly Better

People use all sort of predictive technologies. Probably the most popular is meteorology. You want to have an idea about the weather, just so you know how to dress, or if an umbrella is going to be useful tomorrow. There are many other, like who is going to win the election based on polls, or.

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The Filling Machine of Juice Bottle

Small Business CEO


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How & Where To Get Section 12J Property Investments In South Africa?

Small Business CEO

Investing in Section 12J has been quite popular among South Africans for a while now. Why wouldn’t it be? It’s the most effective tax saving option that allows small and medium businesses to grow by working towards increasing their equity finance access.

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