Mon.Jan 11, 2021

How to Avoid Keyword Stuffing – Follow These Simple Tips

Dumb Little Man

In any search engine optimization package, keyword stuffing is very important. However, it can also harm a website when not controlled properly. Not only will you see a huge drop in your already ranking website, there will be an interest rate drop among your readers or visitors as well.

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Today’s A-ha Moment Comes From A-Ha, The Norwegian Pop Band

Brilliantly Better

Every once in a while, the endless scrolling on Twitter can reveal something actually interesting. That’s exactly what happened the other day, when I stumbled upon a really nice story. Mind you, this also led to a little bit of an A-ha moment, but more on that later.

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Side Hustle Stack - A Directory of Gig Platforms and Marketplaces

Small Business Labs

Side Hustle Stack describes itself as: " a resource for finding various platforms to earn income—ranging from side hustles to building a full-time standalone business.

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3 Ways Automation Can Hurt Your Business

Jen Lawrence

Okay – raise of hands… how many of you have been told that the way to get ahead in your business is to automate as much as possible? I can’t tell you how many people are shocked to hear that, as a systems expert, I still do quite a bit of work manually. Sound like a contradiction?

2021 52

5 Proven Ways to Gather Important Feedback From Your Customers

Small Business CEO

Your team might think you know what customers want, but if you aren’t gathering feedback directly from them, you’re probably missing something. And blind spots like this can be costly for your business and your ability to satisfy customers.

2021 67

3 Trends That Could Define Your Career in 2021

45 Things

When you're making career plans for 2021, it's a smart idea to imagine where you think future economic growth will be, the industries that will still continue to suffer from the pandemic and whether this might be the right time to start your own business.

2021 52

How to Create Outstanding Infographics

Dumb Little Man

I’ve been creating infographics for a while now. The best infographics are the ones that strike a balance between written and visual information. However, that’s easier said than done. How do you create infographics that are better than your competitors?

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