Thu.Oct 10, 2019

Postpartum Challenges: What New Mothers Need to Know

Dumb Little Man

Postpartum is frequently thought of as the first six weeks after giving birth. Six weeks is when many women have their last medical appointment with their doctor. However, those of us that have had a baby or who have treated women postpartum know otherwise.

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Working well under pressure

Practically Perfect PA

It goes without saying that at some point in your career, you will have to work under pressure, meet tight deadlines and deal with stressful situations. Although organisations should care for their employee’s wellbeing and strive to create a calm environment, this is not always achievable.

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How Your Website Can Help Build Your Brand

Small Business CEO

Most business owners today are aware of the importance of a website. Even with the prevalence of social media, a website helps to establish a business as legitimate and professional.

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How I Get My (Blog) Ideas

The Marq

I was speaking with a buddy about the Persistence blog post I've been working on. He gave me some great input, and asked how I come up with topics. I told him about online resources, including the HubSpot Blog Topic Generator , as well as my own approach. Today I'm sharing what works for me.

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6 Online Tools a Small Business Needs

Small Business CEO

Running a small business requires entrepreneurs to wear many hats: accounting, project management, collaboration, marketing and so on. Just as there is no lack of tasks for you to do, there is no shortage of online apps and tools to help make these responsibilities easier or more efficient either.

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