Tue.Jul 31, 2018

Independent Workers Feeling More Secure

Small Business Labs

One of findings that most surprised us when we first started researching independent workers was how many think independent work is more secure than traditional jobs. 

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Inspiring Journaling Prompts To Help Re-Shape Your Life

Dumb Little Man

I’ve always had massive aspirations, dreams, and desires my entire life. With hard work, commitment, and a lot of journaling, I’m now living the life I’ve always dreamed of and wanted to create. Journaling has been a massive part of my success. I personally journal daily as I believe that mindset is the key to everything! Everything in my life, I have created through asking for it and it helped to first know what it was I was asking for. What was it that I wanted? Who did I want to be?

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The Ever-Changing Role of Software in the Business Landscape

Small Business CEO

Software’s evolution has transitioned from a data mining platform to marketing insights and as we are all familiar with – accounting software.

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What Businesses Stand to Gain From Switching to Solar

Small Business CEO

Solar power is still today sometimes considered an out-of-reach notion, something that is for the privileged few and not widely available.

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