Thu.Feb 18, 2021

6 Mistakes To Avoid During Spring Home Cleaning Session

Dumb Little Man

Home cleaning ventures have been propagating on different social media channels. Be it Instagram or Facebook, everyone has their share of home cleaning hacks. As it should be, cleaning is an essential requirement if we want to live a healthy and long life.

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Communicating your priorities better with the ‘rule of five’

Practically Perfect PA

Communicating your priorities better with the ‘rule of five’ One of my go-to tools for prioritising and managing my to-do list is Trello. I use the collaboration tool to manage all of my tasks and projects, and I love how easy it easy to collaborate on projects with the other members of the [.].

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Book Review: Building the Business of You

Small Business Labs

Building the Business of You aims to help people "navigate the uncertain, post-pandemic world of work, while aligning personal purpose and professional advancement." 

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The Convoluted Path To The Perfect Tostada

Brilliantly Better

Before moving to Spain I never knew what a tostada is. I’ve been born and raised in the mental space of sandwiches, so every time I was seeing a tostada in a coffee shop, I was like: “that’s a nice sandwich” It took me a few months to understand the difference.

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Innovative Ways to Manage your Finance

Small Business CEO

Thanks to technology and algorithms fueled by artificial intelligence, dozens of new fintech players are coming to the aid of your finances. Discover new and simple ways of managing your money. The new ways of managing your money.

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