Tue.Feb 25, 2020

The People and Tech Behind Data Science Explained

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Within the past few years, the study of data science and machine learning has exploded into its own job field. However, the tech subgenre has been galavanting to the mainstream for nearly 3 centuries. It all started sometime in the 1740s with Bayes’ Theorem.

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Americans Policy Priorities Highly Polarized

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Pew Research's As Economic Concerns Recede, Environmental Protection Rises on the Public’s Policy Agenda covers a recent survey asking Americans about their policy priorities.

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Backpackers vs. Glampackers: What Kind of Traveler Are You?

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Staycation, voluntourism, set-jetting—these are just some of the many travel buzzwords going around. Sometimes, it’s hard to keep up and find the difference. Case in point: backpackers and glampackers. One shouldn’t use them interchangeably since these classifications differ greatly.

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5 Ways Businesses Can Go Greener in 2020

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According to recent research into the consumer habits of 5,000 respondents across Europe, sustainability is a top priority for the vast majority of shoppers.

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How to Address Cybersecurity Challenges Using the NIST Framework

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People are doing a lot of prognosticating about what will happen in 2020, but one thing is certain: Cyberattacks will get worse. For small businesses, this is cause for alarm.

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Why Manchester Is a Great City for Buy to Let Investments

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With the ongoing uncertainly around Brexit that has engulfed the United Kingdom over the past several years, it would be no surprise for investors to be put off investing in property.

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