Mon.Apr 15, 2019

7 Mistakes People Make Under the Umbrella of Productivity

Dumb Little Man

Everybody wants to be successful, sexy, and productive. However, in order to be productive, you should experience some painful mistakes. In this post, I want to share a list of 7 productivity mistakes that I’ve made over the years.

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The Benefits of Workplace Routines and How to Set Them Up

Eat Your Career

I’m a huge fan of workplace routines. I use them on a daily and weekly basis, and I truly believe they play a major role in my productivity. Workplace routines are like rituals—specific, pre-established ways of doing things that need to happen on a regular basis.

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7 Terrific Books That Can Make You Fall In Love With Math

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So, you are a student who loves reading and writing. You write essays, reviews, and stories. It’s not a problem for you to help peers with their academic papers and you are ready to read tons of books on different topics. Wouldn’t it be great to have reading and creative writing the only subjects in school? But here come the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Physics, Economics, Chemistry, and… MATH!

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What if I look stupid?

Practically Perfect PA

During the Virtual Summit 2017, we had the brilliant Lisa N. Alexander present her session on how Assistants can feel more empowered in the workplace. On the outside you smile, you nod in agreement, but inside you’re frustrated. You’re angry at yourself for not speaking up.

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7 Ways to Make Your Angry Wife Happy

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If you’ve made your wife angry for some reason, you know how difficult it is to put a smile back on her face. While it’s true that each woman is different, a lot of wives like being showered with kindness and appreciation. You need to do more than just say you’re sorry. You have to let her know how much you think about her, how happy your wife makes you, and how much you value her presence. If you’re getting the cold shoulder, here are some ways to turn it around: 1.

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Where Your Time Can Go


I’ve been spending a lot of time watching Highway to Heaven for the past couple of months. I’m not a particularly religious person but the show offers some strong messages that I think are valuable and we need to hear.

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When to Use a Comma: 10 Rules and Examples

Daily Writing Tips

Commas can be a particularly tricky punctuation mark. There are some cases where you know you should use a comma – such as when separating items in a list – but there are other times when you might be unsure whether or not a comma is needed.

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Why This 83-Year-Old Career Advice Still Makes Sense

45 Things

I've written before about how important it is to get along with others at work. You don't have to be besties, with your co-workers, but you do need to know what motivates them, what discourages them and how you can best help one another. To think you can go it alone at work and succeed is delusional.

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Choose The Best Car Insurance with Better Claims

Small Business CEO

Talking about purchasing cars when can definitely not forget that there are certain things that are linked at the time of purchasing the car. The most important thing that one needs to keep in mind is to check whether the car insurance has been taken proper care of at the time of adjusting the car.

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