Fri.Feb 19, 2021

Proofreading and Its Pitfalls

Daily Writing Tips

Every writer has had the experience of submitting a piece of writing in the certainty that it is free of error, only to find at least one embarrassing typo or other fault in it as soon as it has been published.

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Bitcoin, Banks And A Bewildering Conundrum

Brilliantly Better

10 years ago, an open-source project that nobody would have given any serious chances to, stormed the world. Bitcoin, a combination of cryptography, economics and peer-to-peer communication, became in just a decade a serious contender for gold, as a store of value.

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What Is eCommerce Website Development? Learn Everything Business Owners Need to Know

Small Business CEO

People can now buy anything they want at any time of the day from almost anywhere in the world. It’s all thanks to the Internet. If you sell products (either digital or physical) or services, you would likely benefit from developing an eCommerce website.

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