Thu.Apr 08, 2021

How Product Configurators Can Help A Small Business With Customization

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The assembly line and mass production revolutionized consumerism. With it, products could be made quickly and exactly the same, lowering costs. However, the tide of consumerism has once again shifted, but this time toward customized and personalized products.

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We're Nearing Peak Fossil Fuel Demand

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McKinsey's Global Energy Perspective 2021 suggests the global demand for fossil fuels will peak in 2027 and steadily fall afterwards.  

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Smiling On A Gloomy Day

Brilliantly Better

As I was getting ready for today’s article – for those of you not knowing, I’m on a 365 days writing challenge – I had a quick look at the latest posts. And I instantly got depressed.

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Checking in with Your Goals


Remember those goals you set for 2021? We’re a few months into the year now, cautiously optimistic about how everything is going, and it’s time to check in with yourself about the goals you set at the start of the year.

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A Beginners Guide to Crypto Lending 2021

Small Business CEO

If you have an interest in cryptocurrency, you know that there are many ways to make your crypto investment work for you. There are traditional forms of making money by buying or selling currency, of course, but there are also some more advanced strategies that may be appropriate for your portfolio.

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How CRM Can Help You Earn More Revenue From Your Existing Customers

Small Business CEO

If you’re new to using CRM software (or if you have recently considered investing in CRM software), you may be wondering how a suite of integrated client-focused technologies can be used to leverage more revenue from existing customers.

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