Thu.Jun 27, 2019

Benefits of Going Incredibly Organized To Insanely Disorganized

Dumb Little Man

What’s so good about being disorganized? I used to be an incredibly neat freak, always having my room as tidy as possible. My bag was always ready with my books lined up according to the day’s subject arrangement. My drawers were routinely cleaned and organized the minute the school term was over. It went a bit too far when I would reorganize the colors of my pencils after using them.

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Positive Career Affirmation #18

Eat Your Career

I choose my attitude every minute of every day. To learn more about affirmations and how to leverage them for career success, check out this article. The post Positive Career Affirmation #18 appeared first on Eat Your Career. Positive Career Affirmations attitude professionalism

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Branded Graphics Made Easy with RelayThat

Tips From T. Marie

Branded graphics. If you’re using social media, you’ve seen them, the images that you recognize right away as belonging to a certain business.

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[Free, live webinar] How should you be managing travel and expenses?

Practically Perfect PA

Managing travel can be a headache. You might still be writing long emails back and forth to your travel agent, wasting time searching for the best deals yourself, or having to wait for your travellers to send you the booking options they want. Every time they travel! And expenses—what a nightmare.

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Top 4 Reasons to Attend Social Media Marketing Conferences

Small Business CEO

Social media marketing and management are constantly changing. Social media managers need to embrace new trends to stay successful and promote their brands.

Does an In-House IT Team Make Sense for Your Business?

Small Business CEO

For most companies, IT underpins everything. Even if your core business doesn’t involve a desk, there’s almost always a team of people backing up your efforts – sales, marketing, accounting, payroll – and so on. The trouble with IT is that it doesn’t really do a good job of looking after itself.

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5 Ways to Increase Your Ecommerce Business Sales

Small Business CEO

Entrepreneurs involved in an ecommerce business are always searching for ways to increase sales. It is important to remember that first and foremost, customers expect a user-friendly experience with fast delivery. Nothing happens until you get customer traffic.

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