Thu.Aug 02, 2018

Purina Survey: Dogs are Part of the Family

Small Business Labs

Dog food manufacturer Purina recently  released the results of a survey of dog owners.    Not surprising to anyone who has followed the pet humanization trend , 95% of dog owners say their dog is part of the family. 

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Four Surprising Yet Effective Ways To Tune Into Your Soul

Dumb Little Man

I’m going to ask you a question which you may or may not have ever asked yourself. Does your life actually feel like it’s in alignment and in flow with what your soul needs and desires? If you take a trip down memory lane right now and re-visited everything you did over the past week, is there anything that stands out as feeling heavy or wrong? Maybe there’s something you felt an unusual amount of resistance around or something that simply sucked your energy dry?

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Creating A Friendly Work Atmosphere

Office Dynamics

Create a Friendly and Approachable Atmosphere. In our fast-paced world, people are becoming detached and desensitized. We are more transaction-based, unfocused on how our interaction is affecting other people. When you have that style of interaction with others, the world becomes decidedly colder.

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Micro-editing: Writing a Very Short Summary, Abstract or Synopsis

Daily Writing Tips

As a writer, I have probably learned the most from having tight word counts. In several assignments, each piece had to be 150 words or less, or 250 words or less, or three lines or less. Sometimes the whole publication had to fit on one page, or in one column.

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3 Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting Your Business Entity

Small Business CEO

Starting a new business venture is extremely exciting. However, if you are like most entrepreneurs, setting up the legal structure of your new business is less than thrilling. You may be tempted to avoid the issue completely, or to choose your legal structure based on a friend’s advice.

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