Mon.Jul 15, 2019

Building A Startup: What Every Aspiring Entrepreneur Needs to Hear

Dumb Little Man

It’s July 2003 and you’re a sophomore Harvard student named Mark Zuckerberg. You’ve been playing around with a pet project. You’ve got no commercial aspirations for it. It’s just fun to code. It’s a “hot or not” photo comparison site.

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Working collectively and sharing best practice in your EA network

Practically Perfect PA

Networking is such an essential part of the Assistant role. We can work in such silos that without a network to support our endeavours, the position can be very lonely.

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40% of Americans Say They Struggle to Pay Bills

Small Business Labs

The Washington Post's ‘This doesn’t look like the best economy ever’: 40% of Americans say they still struggle to pay bills covers the fact that despite a strong job market and a 10 year long economic recovery, a lot of Americans still struggle financially.

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7 Ways to Stop Making Bad Decisions In Life Without Self-Sabotaging

Dumb Little Man

Every day, I find myself saying things like, “I’m glad I chose to go on this trip”, or “This was the biggest mistake I’ve ever done”. And I try so hard to get things right and avoid all the wrongs — including making bad decisions in life.

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Do This One Thing to Ensure You Always Have a Job

On The Job

Amazon recently announced that it plans to spend $700 million to retrain 100,000 employees in an effort to help its workforce adapt to a world using more automation and new technology. Retraining will focus on moving more employees into tech-savvy roles.

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Nutritional vs Nutritious: What’s the Difference?

Daily Writing Tips

Is there any difference between the words “nutritional” and “nutritious”? They’re both adjectives that refer to the nutrients in a food. Nutrients covers both “macronutrients” (normally defined as carbohydrates, fats, and proteins) and “micronutrients” (vitamins and minerals).

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What Your Digital Marketing Strategy Is Missing

Small Business CEO

The best digital marketing strategies take companies to new heights. Since consumers spend a lot of their time online, successful companies reach them through various online platforms. From social media updates to website optimization, digital marketing is essential to business success.

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