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When Working Hard is Not Enough: 18 Ways to Work Smart

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Most of the things we do require hard work. Whether it’s our job, relationships, and personal goals, we need to exert effort and work extra hard to get the best results possible. Unfortunately, working hard comes with negative effects.

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When Auditors Read Your Meeting Minutes

Business Writing

When I teach Meeting Notes Made Easy, I encourage note-takers to record what was done, not what was said. People don't need to know the lengthy he said/she said details. But my friend Heidi, a tax attorney, advised me to. Meeting Notes and Minutes

Why Social Media is Dying a Slow Death

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I remember when I was a young whippersnapper of a kid — no place to be and no dependents to take care of. I was responsible, trustworthy, and intelligent enough to work my way to a comfortable place in whatever job I held at the time.

5 Steps to Take When You Don't Know What Your Boss Wants

On The Job

Some people believe a micromanaging boss is the worst thing ever, but I'd have to say that a boss who doesn't communicate what he or she wants is also pretty bad. This is the boss who can't exactly tell you what he wants.

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8 College Courses That Will Make You Rich

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Growing up, you were probably given the idea that doing well in school can help you succeed later in life. It’s one good reason why you try really hard to learn your lessons, study for your exams, and pass your classes with flying colors.

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Dana’s Administrative Professional Advice – Ask an Admin

Office Dynamics

From Ernan: When we created Ask an Admin we had hopes that we’d get questions from administrative professionals having trouble finding answers to their problems. We also hoped that we’d get answers from administrative assistants and executive assistants that wanted to help.

How to make yourself less anxious and self-conscious in high stakes business situations ?

The Shrink for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs always need to work on their self-consciousness. Your decision to be an entrepreneur comes with a big problem: Building a business is a guaranteed, never-ending exercise in pushing outside your comfort zone.

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Six Pieces Of Equipment You Need For A Welding Career

Small Business CEO

You need more than six pieces of equipment to become a welder. However, we all begin somewhere and six is as good a number as any other. But first, why should you become a welder? First, the future is bright for welders.

How to Build Your Own Online Forex Business from Home

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Building a successful home business takes time and effort. Many people believe it’s nearly impossible to build a fruitful business without having an edge. An edge is important as it allows you to differentiate yourself from other businesses.

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