Mon.Feb 17, 2020

3 Ordinary Steps on How to Live an Extraordinary Life

Dumb Little Man

We’ve all been sold the dream that our life will play out like the stories we consumed as a child. A place where everything works itself out at the conclusion of a 30-minute TV episode. Not every road to success looks as glamorous as it does on a Friday night’s silver screen.

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Tips on good minute taking

Practically Perfect PA

As we all know writing minutes is an essential skill for Assistants and this ultimate guide to effective minute-taking we will break-down everything Assistants need to know to create minutes that will be read and actioned.

2020 141

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How to Implement a Zero Waste Business Strategy

Eco-Office Gals

Zero waste is enjoying a newfound spotlight in the business community, but it’s something that should’ve been standard practice a long time ago. Pursuing zero waste means finding ways to use resources as efficiently as possible.

2020 130

How to Stop Email From Running Your Life

On The Job

Well, here's a depressing statistic: people on average spend more than five hours a day checking their email, according to an Adobe survey. When you think of what you could get done in five hours a day if you weren't checking email -- well, it boggles the mind.

2020 130

Email Like a Boss: The Ultimate CEO Email Guide

Small Business CEO

How can you manage your time well and keep your communications efficient as a CEO? Learn tips and tricks in this guide to CEO email management. Are you guilty of letting your email inbox go for days and seeing your email count climb off the charts?

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How to Conduct a SWOT Analysis For Your Business

Small Business CEO

A SWOT analysis is something you may or may not have heard of in the business world, but it’s become quite popular over the years for analyzing a business’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (hence the acronym).

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