Fri.Jan 25, 2019

Technology of the week: Chimp or Champ

Practically Perfect PA

Today’s Technology of the week: Chimp or Champ. Here are the details: What is Chimp or Champ Chimp or Champ is a weekly anonymous employee happiness meter for you to check your team pulse, improve employee well-being and achieve better results. What does Chimp or Champ do?

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6 Tips for Cleaning Vinyl Siding

Dumb Little Man

Vinyl siding is an affordable, flexible, durable and weatherproof exterior cladding material that needs to be cleaned from time to time. If not properly maintained, it can accumulate a lot of dirt and dust from the environment.

2019 223

A Small Business Guide to Building an Online Presence

Small Business CEO

Given the fact that technology continues to advance, small businesses will need to leverage whatever tools that come their way in order to secure a competitive advantage.

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5 Top Tips to Managing a Remote Team

Jen Lawrence

In today’s work environment, odds are you have at least one team member who works remotely. Whether it is you, your boss, or a peer, remote teams face unique challenges and success relies heavily on everyone working together to build trust and be productive.

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Catching Workers Comp Fraud Committed by Employees

Small Business CEO

Workers compensation is a federal program that requires employers to pay for medical and compensation benefits if their employees become injured or disabled while working at your place of employment (each state has its own set of workers’ comp laws).

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