Wed.Aug 14, 2019

Sleep Hacking: How to Optimize Your Sleep for Success

Dumb Little Man

We spend a significant portion of our lives sleeping. Recharging, dreaming, and restoring are parts of everyone’s life no matter where you live or who you are. So, why do so many of us struggle with our sleep? And how can we change the way we think about sleep for success?

2019 256

Emotional Intelligence for Administrative Assistants

Office Dynamics

I have grown to love speaking on and teaching assistants about emotional intelligence. This definitely is a skill every assistant needs to know. This is a skill you can use every single day!

2019 190

5 Practical Tips to Boost Energy and Brain Power

Dumb Little Man

There may be times when you feel a slump on your energy, particularly in your brain. Your exam might be nearing and you’ve been burning the midnight candle as you test prep. Or things at work simply kept piling up and you have to rush for the deadline.

2019 196

Podcast 125: Process over results

Clutter Coach

by Listen or subscribe here: iTunes ? Stitcher ?. Soundcloud ? YouTube ? Google Play ? iHeartRadio You can leave a review here! ?. This is podcast 125 and it’s about focusing on process rather than results. Someone I met recently has decided finally to declutter and get organized and is fired up about it. The time has come! Let’s go! While I admire his enthusiasm, I cautioned him that his project might be a bit too ambitious. Maybe his reach exceeds his grasp.

2019 100

Top 5 Successful Ways to Expand Your Small Business

Small Business CEO

Starting a business is a significant achievement, but scaling one is a huge challenge.

2019 61

Episode 257: Emotional Time Management with Paula Mosher Wallace


On this episode of the podcast, I spend time chatting with Paula Mosher Wallace. We spoke about the emotional component that needs to get considered when you’re trying to manage your time.

2019 55

Are You a Negative Thinker? How to Snap Out of it Quickly

Small Business CEO

When negative thoughts invade your space, it can cause a lot of damage. Negative thinking can affect your relationship, career, and even your physical health. A lot of people experience negative thoughts, which prevent them from making and enjoying new experiences.

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