Wed.Oct 31, 2018

Access to Contraceptives Around the World: What You Need to Know

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In the UK, contraception for women is easily accessible and readily available, thanks to the NHS. 45 other countries have proudly offered contraception to patients free of charge for years, whilst some governments have dragged their feet on making such treatments available. How do seven varying countries around the world compare in terms of accessibility? Here’s what you need to know about people’s access to contraceptives. United States.

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Launching the Future Assistant 2019

Practically Perfect PA

Today I’m really excited to let you all know that we have now opened bookings for next year’s Future Assistant Conference!! That is right, we are launching the Future Assistant 2019!

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Why You Don't Want to Rely on Gut Instinct

On The Job

As you rise through the ranks and become a manager, you may be faced with ethical dilemmas. Perhaps you're not worried -- you know your moral compass is solid and you would never do anything that wasn't in line with your values.

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30 Words Invented by Shakespeare

Daily Writing Tips

William Shakespeare (1564-1616), considered the greatest writer in the English language, used more than 24,000 words in his writings, more than any other author. Of those words, more than 1,700 were first used by him, as far we can tell. He may have made up many of them himself.

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4 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Business Videos Using Screen Recording

Small Business CEO

Screen recording is being used as a tool to create business videos more and more frequently. Because it is able to capture footage of apps and software, websites, online platforms, and digital products – it is perfect for creating videos involving them.

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Let's Be Graceful and Elevate the Conversation

The Marq

Much of what we read or hear tells us being provocative is more important than being informative and valuable. This is especially evident in politics or with attention-starved individuals, groups or entities.

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Sole Proprietors: How to Appear Bigger to Your Future Clients and Partners?

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“The bigger the better” is a phrase we’re all familiar with. It’s true too, no matter how much many of us wish it weren’t so.

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What is Digital Asset Management? Why is it So Important? (Infographic)

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Digital asset management is basically a method for a company or organization to store and retrieve information as needed, on demand. This allows for more efficient and pragmatic decision making.

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