Tue.Mar 20, 2018

Deloitte Thinks the Retail “Apocalypse” is Really a Renaissance

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According to a new study from Deloitte the retail apocalypse is a myth. Instead, they believe retail is changing in line with consumer income bifurcation.

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Want to be liked on LinkedIn? Follow these 4 simple tips

Practically Perfect PA

I’m pretty sure that everyone that reads Practically Perfect PA is on LinkedIn… How do I know this?

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3 Ways To Build A Personal Brand Based On Authenticity

Dumb Little Man

In today’s society, people are used to getting a taste of products for free. When a product or service is so high-quality that its creator is confident enough to give it away, that tells audiences it’s truly valuable. Take Chance the Rapper, for example: He has risen to stardom over the past seven years — performing for President Barack Obama at the White House, hosting “Saturday Night Live,” and winning three Grammys in 2017 for his rap album “Coloring Book.”

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How to Make Your Marketing Message for Building a Rideshare Business

Small Business CEO

Referral networks are wonderful tools to help speed up growth and expand the range of influence an individual or company requires to increase their client base. However, having successful referrers aid, you reach clients will only go so far.

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“Stance” and Its Relations

Daily Writing Tips

A previous post listed words such as constitute that ultimately stem from the Latin verb stare , meaning “stand.” Here, stance (from the present participle of stare ), and words in which stance is the root, as well as terms related to those words, are listed and defined.

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4 Things You Should Know About Being a Landlord

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Being a successful landlord involves more than simply collecting the rent each month. Understanding legal requirements, adapting to problems, and being compatible with many different personality types are all essential skills.

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Typography and Your Website: 4 Tips That Make a Huge Difference in Presentation

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Your website is a presentation. Communicating to visitors and readers occurs primarily through the text on your website. A website’s typography can help make the entire experience on your website fluid and enjoyable. But incorporating typography into a website is strategic.

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Making Better Business Decisions: 5 Tips

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It’s difficult for a company to reach its full potential without making business decisions that are consistently aligned with company objectives.

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