Tue.Apr 03, 2018

Top technology tools for working remotely

Practically Perfect PA

At the Future Assistant Conference I was talking to an Assistant who did not work in the same office as any of her Executives. Not a single one. I was a bit flabbergasted to be honest. Because, she wasn’t a Virtual Assistant.

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Uber and Lyft Help Drivers Weather Financial Shocks

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A recent academic study found that many ridesharing drivers do so to help them work through financial shocks and smooth income volatility. The study only looked at rideshare drivers. But it points out that these benefits should extend to any highly flexible part-time employment.

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How to Treat a Woman With Respect

Dumb Little Man

A few years ago, I was called out for misogyny. When it happened, my immediate instinct was to react defensively. It was a male colleague who called me out. He was someone I respected but who still felt comfortable enough with to push back against. At the time, the irony to me was that, in my mind, I was complimenting this woman who I was acting sexist to. I still remember it clearly. The woman was a colleague and friend. She happened to be supremely beautiful.

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How to Start a Company in the Netherlands

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The Netherlands is a top business destination in Europe. Its connectivity, high quality of life, business ecosystem and access to talented workforce from around Europe make it a prime location for investors looking to open a company.

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Money-Saving Hacks for Busy People

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As a busy person, you know how hard it is to find time to plan your finances, calculate your expenses, and review your budget. Just when you think you finally found the time to sit down and balance your books, an important event or errand comes up. Fortunately, there are money-saving hacks you can use to make sure you get to keep extra money for future use. The following are some of the best tips you can try. Stop Spending Impulsively.

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4 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Law Firm

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Before you hire a legal firm to represent your business, it’s important to establish whether they’re suitable. Your decision is largely based on your circumstances, alongside the proficiency of the firm in question.

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15-Minute Full Body Kettlebell Workout

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Most of us undervalue the positive effects of a 15-minute workout. Many people think they need to spend hours in the gym to see results. Contrary to this belief, the intensity of a workout can actually have a bigger impact on your fitness than the duration. The American Heart Association recommends 75 minutes of vigorous exercise per week to improve cardiovascular health. When you break it down, that’s only 15 minutes of exercise per day, five days per week.

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The Hidden Benefits of a Visitor Management System

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Ranging from claims management software to cloud security system, companies are adopting technology to streamline their business operations. This also holds true when it comes to managing your business premise’s visitors. The main goal of any visitor management system is safety.

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