Sun.Mar 03, 2019

What To Do When Crisis Hits

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Crisis can happen in the blink of an eye. One minute life is normal, and then everything is different. It could be anything that rocks your stability: death, divorce, accident, layoff, shutdown. But crisis comes to us all, and it's important to know what to do.

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4 Tips for Successfully Running Your Business From Home

Small Business CEO

Working from home has become pretty common over the last decade. The growth of the internet, cloud technology, and mobile devices has made it practical and cost-effective. But what about running a business from home? Is it a good idea? The Challenges of Running Your Business From Home.

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6 Tips for Using Video as Part of Your Content Marketing

Small Business CEO

Video should be an essential part of content marketing for any business that wants to enhance its reputation, and grow its customer base, online. It’s the best way of communicating with potential customers directly and showing them how the business relates to their lives.

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How To Handle Leave Management For Small Businesses

Small Business CEO

There are many different areas of operation that a small business owner and CEO is required to manage. Often, small business CEOs are tasked with managing HR processes entirely on their own. This is due to the limited HR budget small businesses typically have.

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Your Computer Network, Under the Hood: What Kinds of Coaxial Cables Are There?

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If you are one of those people who prefer their connection to be of the ethernet kind, then you most certainly had to extend it at some point. Because, let’s be honest, whatever default package you get is bound to become inadequate after some time, right?

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Surprised By The New 2018 Tax Laws? 4 Strategies To Handle The Changes

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Once you get the hang of preparing taxes for your small business , April doesn’t seem so challenging. That is, until tax laws change and suddenly you don’t know if you can still claim your small office deduction.

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Tried and Tested Tips to Keep Your Business Growing Fast

Small Business CEO

You often hear people emphasize that going into business guarantees financial freedom and how the richest people in the world are all businessmen and women but those same people fail to tell you how difficult it could be to make something out of business. Statistics have shown that most businesses fail within 5-10 years of incorporation, so starting, let alone, growing a business is not as simple as they make it seem.

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