Fri.Jun 26, 2020

Saving People Lives, One Meeting At A Time

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The other day I had to meet somebody and, for whatever reason, the person was late. It was a benign meeting and the guy is usually very punctual, it just happened this time he was late. As I was enjoying my double espresso, all kind of thoughts about punctuality started to run around my head. Read more Saving People Lives, One Meeting At A Time. The post Saving People Lives, One Meeting At A Time appeared first on Dragos Roua. Relationships & Society

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Why Do Retail Stores Need Mobile Apps

Small Business CEO

We all know that everything is going mobile nowadays. More and more businesses start to digitize their services, and this is no exception for the retail industry. Stores are slowly but surely taking up on app development. If you’re interested how these retail apps work and how to build one, you can learn here. Since smartphones have changed the way we interact with businesses for the better, we are going to discuss why the retail industry needs to use the mobile medium and create an app.

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