Tue.Sep 25, 2018

5 Reasons a Messy Desk Is Not Good For Your Productivity

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Do you feel stressed or distracted as soon as you get to work? Here’s one cause you may not have considered: not having a clean desk at work.

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Office Design Ideas for a Productive Workspace

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This is a guest post contributed by Eleanor Whitney, editor of All Hands , a publication about life at work from Managed by Q. These days, design inspiration is everywhere.

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Schopenhauer’s Secret Guide to Love You Need to Hear

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The key to happiness lies with porcupines. Strange as it sounds, it’s an idea that was first articulated by Arthur Schopenhauer. He’s a brilliant philosopher and pessimist of epic proportions. Schopenhauer might not be the first person you’d normally turn to for well-being advice.

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How Police Officers Keep Businesses Safe

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Businesses need to be safe and secure in order to properly serve their customers, and protect employees from harm. Many have registers full of cash, and other expensive items like computers and other valuable equipment.

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How Scheduling Software Helps Overcome Common Employee Management Problems

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There are a number of ways you can streamline your workforce to increase productivity. Probably the most effective tool for this is scheduling software. It enables you to make better use of each and every minute of the work day. How exactly does scheduling software fit into the average workplace?

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