Wed.Aug 01, 2018

Free Chapters From Joan’s Book: Who Took My Pen…Again?

Office Dynamics

Thank You! It’s not very often that Office Dynamics can celebrate another book release by Joan but when we do, the amount of support shown is truly amazing. Joan’s new book, Joan’s Greatest Administrative Secrets Revealed , is set to be released in Septemeber, 2018.

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Breaking The Cycle of Confirmation Bias

Dumb Little Man

No matter how much you share political stories on Facebook, you’ll likely never change your friends’ opinions on the issues. In fact, sharing and reacting to political posts will only create a more polarized community because Facebook’s algorithms show you what you like.

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Microsoft Finds the One Thing That Matters Most to New Hires

On The Job

As the competition for workers heats up, employers are offering better benefits and pay in an effort to attract job candidates. The problem is that once a new worker is on board, then things may start to fall apart -- often within the first week.

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Your Business Needs to Be Listed on These 6 Cost-Effective Directories & Social Platforms

Small Business CEO

Does your business suffer from under-listing? If you feel like your marketing team is doing everything right and still failing to produce the results you (think) it deserves, perhaps you’re not speaking to the right crowd. Make that crowds , actually. See, Internet users aren’t monolithic.

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