Wed.Jan 23, 2019

10 Ways To Earn the Respect of Others

Dumb Little Man

If you are a self respecting individual, chances are you want others to treat you with respect. And you know what, age isn’t a prerequisite nor is it a magic key to gaining respect. I’ve seen plenty of young people who are highly respected by their elders.

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What’s in store for temporary jobs following Brexit?

Practically Perfect PA

Following the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the EU in June 2016, London has seen a sharp increase in temporary office support vacancies across industries, that has continued to rise in the approach to the leaving date, March 29th 2019.

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Social Media: Open This Pandora’s Box At Your Risk

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It is now universally accepted that social media is an addiction more harmful than cigarettes, alcohol, and hard drug. Unfortunately, this addiction has gripped kids, young blood, and adults in its tentacles. The entire gamut of social networks works as sugar-coated poison.

Simplify Daily Tasks with Technology

Office Dynamics

One of my favorite aspects of attending a professional development conference is the opportunity to connect with other administrative professionals to share processes, tips, best practices and learn how they simplify daily tasks with technology.

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20 Tips For Building the Body of Legend Bruce Lee

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Bruce Lee had one of the most iconic bodies in the film industry. Even the big-shots of bodybuilding like Joe Weider and Arnold Schwarzenegger have nothing but praises for him.

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3 Ways to Improve Videoconference Meetings

On The Job

One of the great things about being a remote worker is that you can often get large chunks of uninterrupted working time -- and you don't get pulled into as many meetings. But with the increasing use of videoconferencing, those halcyon days may be waning.

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7 Great Marketing Solutions for Every Business Owner

Small Business CEO

Essentially, marketing is the whole process of attracting and influencing potential clients and customers. It is worth noting that, marketing is a “process.” Ideally, the terminology “marketing,” covers numerous activities and tasks associated with selling the services or products.

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