Fri.Dec 07, 2018

The Danger In Looking For Your Type When Dating

Dumb Little Man

“Yeah, she is nice and all, but just not my type.”. Have you ever said that or had a friend tell you that as they considered a mate? Maybe you feel drawn to intelligent brunettes while your friend is all about the athletic blondes.

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Client Gifting: 5 Ideas to Show Your Appreciation This Holiday Season

Tips From T. Marie

It's December, the time of year when our thoughts are drawn to holiday festivities and the purchase of gifts. As a small business owner, it's also the time when you need to think about what you are going to do about client gifting.

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Things Assistants Do That Executives Appreciate

Office Dynamics

I am very fortunate in that I get to read fabulous letters from executives touting the behavior changes they see in their executive or administrative assistants after attending our Star Achievement Series® course.

2018 169

How an MBA in Marketing Can Help Your Entrepreneurship Efforts

Small Business CEO

In an era where almost every person has a basic education degree, it is mandatory to improve your marketing skills if you intend to succeed in entrepreneurship. One of the ways to do this is through gaining a post-graduate degree in marketing.

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4 Things Employees Look for When Job Hunting

Small Business CEO

It could be because an employee is leaving, or perhaps you’re scaling up your business and want to attract the top talent. No matter the reason, when recruiting for your company, it’s about more than crafting the perfect job description and promoting the advert.

How to Launch and Market Your New Logo for Branding Success

Small Business CEO

Whether you are a new company or you are an existing one who is just going through a period of reinvention, branding plays a huge role in the company’s overall success.

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5 Qualities of a Good Client Proposal Template

Small Business CEO

Whether you’re from an up-and-coming startup or a business that’s been enjoying some prosperous growth, you should know that one of the most effective ways to score big-time clients is to up your client proposal game.

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