Mon.Nov 25, 2019

The Science of Balance

Dumb Little Man

As much as we love to believe we’re the most advanced culture to have ever walked the Earth, the truth of the matter is that we have everything about as fouled up and backwards as a drunken dyslexic trying to figure out pants and shoes.

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Scientific American's Top Emerging Technologies of 2019

Small Business Labs

Scientific American's describes their Top 10 Emerging Technologies Of 2019 as "World-changing technologies that are poised to rattle the status quo." 

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7 Networking Tips in a Competitive Industry

Dumb Little Man

Regardless of the industry, networking is a must. There are so many career growth benefits to making connections with other people. But when taking care of business in your industry means constantly putting in an effort to stay on top of the competition, things can be a little trickier.

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Your Personal and Professional Brand Matters

Office Dynamics

Successful businesses around the world spend enormous amounts of time and money developing a brand that sets them apart and tells their story. Their marketing departments consider every little detail, from logos to font style, from signature colors to tone of communication.

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 Day in the life: Anna Dukes, Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive at ITN

Practically Perfect PA

Enjoy today’s Day in the life: Anna Dukes, Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive at ITN, which is full of Executive Assistant Tips and Tricks. What are the main aspects of your role?

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Does Your Workplace Have Unconscious Biases?

On The Job

It’s estimated there are more than 150 identified types of unconscious bias. These types range from the natural tendency to surround ourselves with others who are similar to us to forming assumptions and stereotypes about others.

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Interview with David Hauser, Author of Unstoppable

Daily Writing Tips

Over the coming months we will publish interviews with book authors, focusing on the process of actually writing the book, launching and promoting it.

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Types of Insurance You Need to Protect Your Small Business 

Small Business CEO

There are several ways to protect your business and all the hard work you have put into it. Perhaps the most important thing you can do is to make sure your business is adequately insured with the proper types of insurance plans. A recent N.Y.

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