Thu.Feb 28, 2019

What are interpersonal skills?

Practically Perfect PA

‘Must have good interpersonal skills’ is a phrase that you will often see on job descriptions for Assistants, but what does that mean? What are interpersonal skills and why are they so crucial for Assistants? Interpersonal skills, or soft skills or people skills are the same thing.

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Losing Sleep Over Your Business? Here are 9 Ways to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Tips From T. Marie

In the early days of my business I lost a lot of sleep. Sometimes it was due to working into the wee hours, other times an inconsistent income kept me awake and other times a multitude of to-do lists insisted on rotating through my brain like a revolving door of tasks I couldn’t slow down.

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The March 30 Day Challenge: Bullet Journaling

Simple Productivity Blog

I try a lot of different methods and techniques as the result of my search to live a more deliberate and productive life. And while I learn a lot from these exercises, I don't necessarily put the results together for myself or for the blog.

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Money Doesn’t Exist

Brilliantly Better

There is no physical money. It’s a mental construct, a controlled hallucination shared by almost the entire population of the globe. There’s no physical object which, by itself, can have an intrinsic, exchangeable value. Even if we can identify “precious”… The post Money Doesn’t Exist appeared first on Dragos Roua. Money and Wealth

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Small Business in the Cloud: 3 Predictions for 2019

Small Business CEO

Cloud computing continues to enable businesses large and small to do more with less. For that reason, as much as 70 percent of all software, IT, and tech spending will be cloud-based by next year, according to the International Data Corp.

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Why Teachers Need Plot, Emotion and Story

Daily Writing Tips

Students like stories. Teachers know that stories keep their interest. But plot, emotion, character, conflict and theme – the tools of a fiction writer – can be power tools for educators as well. Having an attitude in class.

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Most CFO's Use Non-Employee Labor for Major Initiatives

Small Business Labs

New research from Robert Half Management Resources found nearly seven in 10 CFOs (69 percent) use non-employee labor for major one-time business initiatives, such as an acquisition or system implementation.

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