Wed.Dec 04, 2019

The Surprising Benefits of Giving Back on Your Mental Health

Dumb Little Man

Not all people feel enthusiastic when it comes to volunteering. Most of us would question the benefits of giving back before we actually head out the door to volunteer. A recent study showed the physical, emotional, and mental benefits of volunteering.

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Managing a Sustainable Office — Recycling E-Waste

Eco-Office Gals

Today, businesses everywhere are beginning to think long and hard about their environmental impact.

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7 Tips to Managing Holiday and Work Stress

Office Dynamics

If you are like me, you are getting caught up in the holiday season plus a long list of To-Do items at work and home. I imagine you are starting to feel a little stressed and you are racing against the clock—December 25. Here are my tips: Breathe! Seriously.

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Episode 273: How to Win the Day with Kris Ward


On this episode I speak with Kris Ward. Kris is the director of a marketing and branding company and it was through her work there that she learned a great deal about productivity versus being busy. Her work with other small business professionals lead to the creation of Win The Hour Win The Day.

2019 56

The Top 5 Unique Ways To Finance Your Small Business

Small Business CEO

Most small businesses will face the challenge of raising capital for their day to day operations. We know it’s difficult to convince a bank or traditional lender that your business will be successful. But other “outside the box” options are available for companies who need financing.

5 Costs You’ll Incur While Working at Home (And How to Minimize Each)

Small Business CEO

You love working at home. But is it a drag on your finances? It’s no secret that running a home office involves overhead costs that traditional office-dwellers don’t have to deal with personally. Managing them doesn’t have to be a full-time job, though.

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