Mon.Sep 21, 2020

10 Best Chrome Extensions for Keeping Organized

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Though it was necessity that caused most people to move to a remote workplace due to the restrictions put in place by the pandemic, many experts predict that remote work will continue long after a vaccine is created and we, as a whole, can go back to what was normal before quarantine.

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How to Choose the Right Commercial Cleaning During the Pandemic

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These days we are all too aware of how important it is to work in a clean office or business location. However, it’s also important that we know the cleaning company we hire is doing a good job. Now more than ever, we need the cleaning company in question to do a really good job.

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What Is Authentication & Why Is It Important?

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How to stay safe online remains a catch-22. Every 39 seconds, a hacker strikes, contributing to the dark web’s current catalogue of 15 billion stolen user credentials for sale. With every purchase, more e-users fall victim to identity theft.

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Slow Travel, VanLife and Digital Nomads

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Marriott's Taking Pause: How Slow Travel Is Changing the Way We Explore takes a look at the "slow travel" trend. Slow travel, which is considered an offshoot of the slow food movement , focuses on spending more time in fewer places.  

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3 Tips For Hassle-Free British Business Travel

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5 Steps That Can Lead to Greater Happiness, Career Success

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Are you tired? Bored? Frustrated? Burned out? All of the above? As the pandemic drags on, everyone is feeling some (or all) of these things.

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5 Tips for Better Retirement Planning

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We all want to make sure that we are fully-prepared for retirement. While it can often seem so far away, retirement can soon come creeping up on you. So how can you plan for your retirement a little better?