Tue.Mar 13, 2018

NPR on Anxiety in the Gig Economy

Small Business Labs

NPR's recent Marketplace-Edison Research poll data (below) shows that gig workers "report significantly higher economic anxiety than regular full-time workers." " Regular readers will not be surprised by this.

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12 Important Life Lessons I Learned The Hard Way

Dumb Little Man

It’s been a long journey for me to realize what life is about and how to be happy. After surviving a physically and emotionally abusive stepfather, I became a rebellious teenager. I took things to the extreme. I was deeply involved in drugs and the wrong group of friends. As a result, it took me 6 years to graduate from college. I was arrested more times than I can count and spent time in drug rehab. Eventually, I managed to graduate. After that, I studied law and passed the bar.

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Get ready for the Virtual Summit Summer 2018

Practically Perfect PA

Drum roll please… Today I am letting you all know that you can now book your place on this summer’s Practically Perfect PA Virtual Summit! Hurrah!! High fives all round.

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How to Study Effectively: 4 Ways To Study Like An Ivy League Student

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Studying is a crucial skill for students but it’s one that’s not explicitly taught in school. Instead, it’s something you have to figure out on your own. It can be a trial-and-error process to find exactly what works for you. To help you out, here are a few tips on how to study effectively. Take Your Notes by Hand. Typing on a laptop may be quick but writing out your notes by hand helps you process the information better.

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Essential and Nonessential Clauses

Daily Writing Tips

Discussions below explain the mistakes in the examples given, which err in mistaking essential and nonessential clauses and vice versa. A revision accompanying each sample sentence demonstrates correct form.

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Choosing the Right Sleeping Mattress is Essential for Optimum Work Productivity

Small Business CEO

Good night sleep is necessary to boost the creativity and get the best out of the person. When a person does not have sufficient rest, then there is almost zero probability that the individual will work up to their real potential.

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4 Ways Automation is Transforming the Business World in 2018 and Beyond

Small Business CEO

When we as business owners think about “automation,” our minds are oftentimes flooded with images of robots, complicated algorithms and concepts that simply go over our heads. The reality? Automation is, was and will continue to dominate the realms of businesses and marketing as we know it.

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