Wed.Dec 12, 2018

Creating Great Habits Through Self-Improvement

Dumb Little Man

When you realize you’re not happy in the situation you find yourself in, it’s time to take action. If you’re unsure about where to start and how to make that change, there are two options you can take: a sudden, dramatic overhaul of your life or gradual change that leads to a permanent improvement.

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Joan’s Naughty and Nice List for Assistants

Office Dynamics

During a Facebook Live event Joan Burge, Founder and CEO of Office Dynamics International, had discussed her Naughty and Nice List for Assistants. This discussion highlighted many great things that can be practiced in the office as well as actions that should be avoided.

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How to Learn a New Skill The Fast and Easy Way

Dumb Little Man

Can a complete novice learn to play tennis in under 30 minutes? In the 1970’s, Timothy Gallway’s claim to fame was that he could teach anyone to play tennis in 30 minutes — even if they had never played tennis in their entire life!

2018 248

Why Jerks Still Get Ahead

On The Job

The rise of the #metoo movement in the last year and more attention to inequalities in the workplace has prompted a lot of discussions inside and outside of the workplace.

2018 130

13 Reasons You’re Bored In Life

Dumb Little Man

“Live in the moment and enjoy the journey” is what they often say. Yet, there are still a lot of people who find this journey extremely burdensome, mundane, and dull. To sum it all in one word- boring.

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List of 50 Compliments and Nice Things to Say!

Daily Writing Tips

Too often I forget to do it. But when I’m pleased or impressed by someone, I need to make a point to write them a note. Some people are embarrassed by strong face-to-face compliments. After all, if a compliment isn’t heartfelt, it may seem mocking instead.

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How Small Businesses Can up Their Game With Quality Shipping

Small Business CEO

In 2016, nearly eight in 10 Americans shopped online, and that number is likely to rise as e-commerce grows even more prevalent across industries. Now that more customers are skipping crowded shopping malls to order online, shipping has become a vital part of running a business.

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