Thu.Dec 13, 2018

How To Make Your Wife Smile

Dumb Little Man

When you meet the woman of your dreams, a marriage becomes suddenly inevitable. And a few years into your marriage, everything changes as you get to know your better half. You realize that keeping up with your wife can be a drag.

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6 Features to Look for When Choosing a POS System

Small Business CEO

Whether you’re just launching your business or upgrading your point of sale (POS) system, you may feel overwhelmed by all of your options. Some features will help your business grow, while others may just be a waste of time and money.

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How to 3x Your Productivity (with More Free Time) in Less Than 30 Days

Small Business CEO

Most of us work too hard for too little. We’re slowly being pushed to get more done with less. We spend more time at work with our co-workers than we do with our loved ones. Day-by-day, we’re asked to do more and more, while we’re compensated with less and less.

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