Tue.Jun 19, 2018

How to Raise Your Visibility at Work

Eat Your Career

About a year ago, I was hosting a training session on the topic of emotional intelligence. I asked the professionals in the room to shout out some of the feelings they experience on an average workday.

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The Virtual Summit is this Friday!

Practically Perfect PA

Just a quick heads up that the Virtual Summit is this Friday! That’s Friday 22nd June 11am-7pm GMT+1. If you have been holding off buying your ticket, the time is now! If you don’t fancy waking up in the middle of the night for the summit, I hear ya! The Summit recording (that is all […].

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Introduce Yourself to Yourself

Office Dynamics

You’re not the person you once were. Times change. People change. You have changed, too. You owe it to yourself to make time for introspection so that you’re not a stranger to yourself. Don’t wait for quiet time to open up because it never will.

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Are Cryptocurrency And Blockchain Startups Still Possible?

Dumb Little Man

Cryptocurrencies, ICOs, and blockchain startups are popping up everywhere, except on social media. In fact, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have all announced blanket bans on crypto advertising.

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Write It Right in Your New Job

Business Writing

A man recently contacted me about wanting to be successful in his new job. He realized his writing was not what it needed to be. If you have a new job, congratulations! Being successful in a new position requires learning. Books Teaching Business Writing Writing Tips

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How Understanding the Three Little Pigs Can Teach You How to Get Over Procrastination

Dumb Little Man

Procrastination is a symptom of a much deeper problem: our inability to deal with obligations and the different ways that we respond to them. It’s linked to heart problems such as cardiovascular disease and hypertension. If you don’t learn how to get over procrastination, stress will eventually take your health down with your productivity. What Goes On With Procrastination? It will be clearer for you if we relate it to a famous story, The Three Little Pigs.

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Top Contract Management Tools for SMBs

Small Business CEO

When you’re running a business, it’s vital that you create contracts carefully, so so issues crop up in the future.

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3 Ways to Protect Your Business From Personal Injury Lawsuits

Small Business CEO

For almost all business owners, taking on the risk of a potential personal injury lawsuit is just part of the cost of doing business. You can’t really help it if someone gets hurt on your property in some cases.

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Phrasal Verbs and Phrasal Nouns

Daily Writing Tips

A phrasal verb is a verb consisting of two or more words—a verb and (usually) a preposition or a particle—that, when combined, describe an action.

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Understanding the Top Challenges of Expense Management

Small Business CEO

At the macro level, there’s a lot affecting businesses when it comes to expense management. For example, international expansions and globalization are two elements that are influencing expense management, and also making these costs rise in many instances.