Fri.May 11, 2018

Technology of the week: Scanbot

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Today’s technology of the week: Scanbot. Here are all the details… What is Scanbot? Scanbot is the easiest and fastest way to create high-quality scans with your iPhone, iPad or Android device. It is free to use, although there is a pro version which enables users to produce edit-ready documents.

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Dating In Midlife: 5 Tips To Help You Get Started

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When you are in your teens and twenties, dating didn’t seem overly complicated. It might have seemed awkward and occasionally stressful, but not overly complex in most cases. Fast-forward to your 40s or 50s and now all of the rules have changed. What used to be “Hey, you want to grab a beer?” or “Would you like to go to dinner and catch a movie?” now must often be coordinated around kids, jobs and even exes.

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Are You at Risk? Lessons Learnt from Netflix’s Security breach

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In 2017, Netflix became one of the many companies to suffer a security breach. A group of hackers known as “thedarkoverlord” had gained access to the then-unreleased series of hit show “Orange is the New Black” and threatened to release it online unless Netflix paid a substantial ransom fee.

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Growing In A Relationship: 12 Things To Do While Dating Someone

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I get asked frequently if I subscribe to or prescribe to traditional dating “rules”. You know, things like wait X number of days to call a guy back, don’t sleep with a man before X number of dates, never be the first to say “I love you,” and so on and so on. Well, the simple answer is no. Living a life with hard rules doesn’t allow flexibility. You need to know how to use and modify rules based on your personal beliefs and what will directly work for you.

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E-Invoicing: The Unsung Hero in Every Business

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As humans, we are constantly searching for ways to improve the processes that we frequently encounter during the course of our daily struggle called life.

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